Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Solitude

In recent years I've found myself more drawn to the outside during summer. I think it's a sort of escape for me since no-one in this family is ever outside except on the odd occasion. I always liked the idea of bronzing my skin but never had patience to work on it. Now I crave it. I crave the toasty yellow of the sun on my skin.
I lie outside and dream of my mum on her sun chair in the garden surrounded by fragrant summer flowers, her skirt pulled up above her knees just so she can take "a wee break". Eyes closed, freckles blooming and a slight smile on her face.

Peaceful and perfectly content.

I enjoy reading when I'm outside but since I finished my last book I haven't found another. Instead I lay outside with my eyes closed, thinking...
I'm still adjusting to my surrounding even though I'm used to my situation. It's strange how I thought it would be the other way round.
Five years have passed and I still feel so far from home, especially during the summer. Sitting outside at 7pm as temperatures drop in to a more comfortable and familiar range that feeling of 'new' is there again, just like last year and the year before that. The sounds are different, the light is different, the air is different.

The thought of sitting there like that as my parents are getting their final few hours of rest before starting their day across the great Atlantic makes me feel like a time traveller experiencing 7pm in my body in America and also experiencing a very familiar 3am in Scotland at the end of June in my mind. School's will be getting off for their summer holidays. My little town will become the busy seaside town with little shops that have buckets and spades hanging outside to encourage tourists to make the most of their time there.
The sun that's stretching my shadow right now is the same sun that's waking up my parents with soft hazy tones. The birds will be chirping outside their window and the seagulls will be singing nice and loudly. The air will be cool and damp, maybe even raining - almost definitely raining.
I miss it.

Most of all I miss the future. When I'll be able to visit more often and have those summer afternoons in the garden with my mum and her skirt and my dad lying on the path with a towel over his baldy head to keep it from getting burned.
It feels strange to be mixing these memories together like this.

I'm ok though. If it wasn't for that new feeling I wouldn't feel like this was an adventure anymore. It would be more painful. So, 'new' is good. I hope I don't get used to it for many more years but then again, I sort of hope I do too. I'm ready for a new 'new'.

Pictures are from the last summer I was in Scotland.
A lot has changed since then.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Burger, egg, bottom, chalk...

Remember how I told you about Stuart being the best? I'm going to tell you again.

He. Is. The. Best.

I can't help but think how happy it makes my parents to know how my Stuart loves me.

Last weekend didn't go as planned, neither did the one before that. We just haven't been spending enough time together just the two of us. There's been a lot to do with filling out applications for Chiropractic school and helping around the house and such.

On Friday Stuart, Megan and Danielle came home from work excited to have the weekend off. We had decided that if that happened we would go on a grand adventure starting at midnight that night.

Everyone went for naps at various times preparing for the fun. We set off in the brown Honda AKA Skidmark after 11pm and headed to Seattle to go to Dick's drive in. Stuart and I hadn't been there for over a year and we loooove that place. Even at midnight the place is buzzing. I love it.

On Saturday morning we woke up quite late after getting home so early in the morning. I had such a good sleep. Stuart dashed off to get some money from the bank and when he got back he surprised me with flowers and theeeeen he took me out to breakfast.
Eggs benedict. Yuuuum.
Then he took me shopping. Urban outfitters was having a yard sale. I got two tops for $20. Then we went to a bunch of other places and I freaked out and couldn't spend any more money. We went to Victoria's Secret who is also having a sweet sale and I got a couple cheap things and Stuart surprised me and bought me some lovely perfume.

We spent the whole day out and about. The last place we went to was Target where I filled the trolley with a million things only to put them all back apart from a tshirt and a swimming suit - which turned out to be half a bloody swimming suit! That was a surprise when I pulled it on up over my legs to find my backside and other bits hanging out for the world to see. I'll be looking for a some bottoms to go with it at some point.

I spent time in the last of the day's sunshine reading my book. I was reluctant to finish it because I was loving it so much. I finished it though and will read it again. I recommend that book a lot - "I capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith. If you read it and don't like it I don't want to hear about it. I love it.

Megan and Danielle bought some chunky chalk on their day out and today after dinner whilst Stuart was building a contraption with some K-nex and Danielle was doing homework Megan and I went out and created many wonderful pieces of art. We worked in silence and found the whole experience to be quite therapeutic. Then I was having my picture taken with my crime scene outline and almost got run over for real.

You'll see more of our summer fun when I put together our summer movie.

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 26, 2009

summer summer SUMMER!!

I have great plans for this weekend. If Stuart has to work tomorrow I'm going to shoot someone - with my finger, of course.

First. I plan on starting our summer movie. (It's on The List.) Maybe we'll make a practise one of the weekend.

We have some errands to run - ie. cash pay cheque, post things... Let's hope my freshly waxed top lip settles down before Stuart gets home. I didn't think this through apparently.

I want to buy a big rope for skipping in the street.

I want to blow more bubbles. I discovered that blowing bubbles is perfect stress relief for me. I added a bubble machine to my list after thinking through my "I want one of those toy lawn mowers that blows bubbles when you push it" statement.

Eat otter pops.

Go to Dick's at midnight and also stop at 7/11 for slurpees.

I have plans.

You should make your own summer vids too. Check out Carolyn's site and enter her Team Boo Summer movie fun.

I think I want to be wearing shorts right now also... yep. Stuart better not be working tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ma creashuns.

Today I've been learning stuff. I'm maybe making up for complete lack of learning from yesterday. I don't think I've had such a day like yesterday before where I learned not a thing or did anything. It wasn't good. So today I woke with some excitement. Got out of bed at 8am. Don't know the last time that happened so I was sure today would be good.

Turned the computer on and checked emails and all that good stuff - putting off 10am when I was to post the special guest post on The Gypsy Feet. 10am came around, the sun was shiny and the post was posted. Good day.

The truth be told I was waiting on 2 emails. One from each of my brothers.

1. Scott - I was waiting for a reply about something I'd asked him. From there I was inspired to get all photoshoppy and created all day.

2. Andrew - He did a little Gypsy Feeting over the weekend and I was anxious to see the pics. I got the pics, edited them and am super excited to post them. Now I'm just waiting on his blurb.

I'm very excitable right now. There's a few things I have planned, things I want to learn more of, things I want to do.

Here's to new ventures and adventures!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Most inspiring? Best eye candy?!

So, my baby AKA The Gypsy Feet has been nominated in those two categories for something or another over at Blog Luxe. Go vote for me, I mean... go vote for my baby. The Gypsy Feet. You do that kind deed via The Gypsy Feet site using the buttons on the top right once a day.

I feel like the mother forcing her child into a beauty pagent. But she is just so pretty! I know she can win!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's been a wee whiley, eh?

It's starting to feel real that we aren't going back to Rexburg again... it's weird. These last 5 years I've spent the summer being quiet knowing that in a while we'll be in the 'burg surrounded by friends and dinner invitations and ding-dong ditching and a whole range of ridiculous entertainment. That's over now. Boooooooo!

What else... eeeeeerm... Stuart and I were planning on spending July 4th in California. We were both super excited about the idea and flights were almost picked out/practically booked. I was even planning what clothes to pack etc. and then he came home yesterday saying he has to work on the 3rd. The thing that's going to make me go insane is that I'm almost 100% they won't be working then. Jansport tells you that to take away your hope and then gives it to you at the last minute to make you think they're awesome. It happens every year. Gaaaaaaah!

Right now I'm reading "I capture the castle" by Dodie Smith and I love it. I started it on Sunday when I was lying in bed after spewing my guts out at 4am. Yeah. The book is wonderful though. Mum, you should see if the library has it. It's also a film but I can't recommend that, I haven't seen it.

On Friday we did a Pirate photo shoot. It was a speedy one because after that we had a Medieval Banquet to go to which was great. I made some rolls for it (your recipe, Liv. Turned out perfect.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's the deal:

1. The weather right now is gloooorious! I tried to even out my farmer tan yesterday but I think the only way to really fix it would be to be naked. Gross. I know. So I won't be doing that but my tan is pretty awesome. I guess I can score that off my summer list already!

2. There's a few things going on over at The Gypsy Feet right now that I think you all might enjoy. Go check it out and join it. Mostly I'm talking about the first Gypsy Feet shoe parade but any comments and involvement are also welcome.

3. Friday: our ward is having a Medieval Banquet and I am SO excited for it. I'm working on a costume right now. I'm not sure where my love for dressing up came from but I seriously think it's the best. I love it a lot.

4. It's JUNE already! I know it's been June for 10 days but, it's JUNE!! We're half way through the year. Trippy...

5. I've been thinking about nostalgia - every night when I go to bed I hear a train in the distance and it sparks my thoughts on nostalgia and I keep meaning to post about it. I'm doing it over on The Gypsy Feet. Come over and let me know how you feel about it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Miracle of miracles:

Here's a story for you! So, a week or so ago I realised that during my morning stretch in bed - you know, the kind where you're stretching your arms above your head and feel all the little pops and yawns from your spine as it wakens up and you're pushing against the headboard as hard as possible making your body slip down the mattress? I get a reeeeally good pop in my right hip and then I'm ready to roll out of bed and get on with things - ie. taming my wild mane.

So, back to last week. I noticed that during said stretches I'd get a quiver of pain from that really sore bit in my knee pit down to my calf. It felt like the startings of a cramp and being in so much pain already that feeling really freaked me out and I admit may or may not have brought a very small tear to my eye, it might have been hay fever though. Just sayin. So I'd stop stretching at that point without getting my happy hip pop.

Now, fast forward to Sunday morning around 2am. I woke up in the worst pain I've almost ever felt. Super excruciating. I had to hold back a scream. I had a killer cramp in my right calf. I think my toes were even crampy curled because of it. I was clutching at it and trying to rub it and not die. I was able to massage it out enough that I could settle down and get the worst sleep ever.

In the real morning I opened my eyes and felt the pain, not as bad as it had been but who likes pain? Not me. If you do like pain I don't even want to know about it... Aaaanyway. I was walking like there was something seriously wrong with me. Like my leg was broken or something - actually a lot like that! Emma remember the time I carried you home when your foot was actually broken? It was like that but I had no one to carry me and I was in my underwear...

Um, so no church for me. I've always - for the last 2 years - had trouble getting trousers on because of my back and lifting my right leg is a struggle. Yesterday lifting my right leg was IMPOSSIBLE! The dance routine had to change a lot for me to get my jeans on.

We stayed home and Stuart massaged and stretched my leg for me for quite a long time, bless him. And it felt a bit better - maybe had something to do with the delicious Lush Massage bar he was using (not actually the one in the link because they aren't making it right now but that one is reeeally nice too). We went on a small walk and yes, it was feeling better still.

He rubbed it some more before bed last night and it was feeling even better.

Now for the miracle - even though any kind of feeling better is a miracle this is a big un!

This morning I could have, probably actually hopped out of bed and sprung to the bathroom! It feels so much better! AND back pain is minimal!!

My theory is this: There was a cramp in my right knee pit for the last 4 or so weeks and it was cramping around my sciatic nerve. Probably just the muscles trying to protect it and be nice but it was actually strangling the nerve and killing me. The cramp was in such a place that no-one could even touch it. I tried and it really was terrible. I wanted to punch myself in the face for doing it afterwards - like chewing tin foil. Horrid! Stress was probably a big factor in it too.

So when I was stretching the muscles were obviously being stretched and the cramp was being torn from the muscle - envision an old black and white film (maybe even a silent one) where the train is pulling away from the platform and the classy, attractive gentleman is on the train. The gorgeous woman of the film is crying and starts running along trying to touch old hunky's hand one last time... Yeah, my sciatic nerve was the hunk and my muscle was the damsel. The train left the station and the damsel collapsed... oh wait. It felt like the cramp rolled from my knee to my calf. It hurt like hell but I just knew it was maybe, possibly, hopefully a good thing. The cramp was exposed and Stuart fixed it!

There's still some pain in the back of my calf and also up in the knee pit area but I can actually walk now. I don't have to wait a minute after standing up before I can actually move and walk. There's no pain like that now :) I'm excited.

I knew things would work out - my dad said so :)

I'm praying the healing continues this way because we're still a way away from being 100% better or even 50% but this is VERY good! I just need to not jump off anything/walk too far/join a circus...

Friday, June 5, 2009

The big yellow one is the sun!

Last Sunday we decided that Stuart needs to be more comfortable in front of the camera before he's able to direct and communicate to other people in front of it. So I perched him on the steps and tried to get him to relax. It didn't work - fake, tense smile and shut eyes. I asked if he'd be more comfortable if I was sitting next to him.

"Yes." I guess I could use a lesson on being more comfortable in front of the camera anyway. So I sat down beside him.

He got too comfortable. In fact, I've never seen someone go from really awkward and tense to completely comfortable - so comfortable that it seemed he'd forgotten why we were even out there. The speed of the transition was amazing!

"Bird!" he'd shout and point.
"Oh! Look at that!" he'd yell and flail in the other direction pointing at a bug. It was like he was seeing the world for the first time.
We have a lot of work to do.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Be blue.

(Olivia and Megan, you want this a lot!)

Win a photoshoot with the ever adorable, squeaky, red headed Blue Lily - and I will put bruises on your body. I'm totally kidding. Go win it... and I'll only put bruised where people can't see. So joking again... but not really. I want it and if I don't win I'll haunt you when I die. Jokes! I can take those kind of pictures of myself anyway. I don't need Blue Lily - more like Blue Dart! Haaaa! kidding again... I'm out of control.

If you have twitter go follow them @bluelilyphoto- she's super easy... super easy to distract from working! Be facebook friends with her, leave her blog comments and whilst you're doing all that do it for me too, as in leave me comments and such.

But really. Go look and lust after her pics. They are great and in no time you'll be writing your own desperate and maniacal blog post too.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Fave: Music Videos

This is a love love love for me. Watch it and love it too. 

PS. Have you seen the New Moon trailer? Hello decent special effects! and also actress with the most boring voice in the universe.