Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Be blue.

(Olivia and Megan, you want this a lot!)

Win a photoshoot with the ever adorable, squeaky, red headed Blue Lily - and I will put bruises on your body. I'm totally kidding. Go win it... and I'll only put bruised where people can't see. So joking again... but not really. I want it and if I don't win I'll haunt you when I die. Jokes! I can take those kind of pictures of myself anyway. I don't need Blue Lily - more like Blue Dart! Haaaa! kidding again... I'm out of control.

If you have twitter go follow them @bluelilyphoto- she's super easy... super easy to distract from working! Be facebook friends with her, leave her blog comments and whilst you're doing all that do it for me too, as in leave me comments and such.

But really. Go look and lust after her pics. They are great and in no time you'll be writing your own desperate and maniacal blog post too.

1 comment:

Rusti said...

Alright, as long as it's one of us. ;)

I love that Oren Lavie video too. So amazing! Do you have a playlist on here lady? No. You must. I'd love to hear what you like.