Sunday, June 28, 2009

Burger, egg, bottom, chalk...

Remember how I told you about Stuart being the best? I'm going to tell you again.

He. Is. The. Best.

I can't help but think how happy it makes my parents to know how my Stuart loves me.

Last weekend didn't go as planned, neither did the one before that. We just haven't been spending enough time together just the two of us. There's been a lot to do with filling out applications for Chiropractic school and helping around the house and such.

On Friday Stuart, Megan and Danielle came home from work excited to have the weekend off. We had decided that if that happened we would go on a grand adventure starting at midnight that night.

Everyone went for naps at various times preparing for the fun. We set off in the brown Honda AKA Skidmark after 11pm and headed to Seattle to go to Dick's drive in. Stuart and I hadn't been there for over a year and we loooove that place. Even at midnight the place is buzzing. I love it.

On Saturday morning we woke up quite late after getting home so early in the morning. I had such a good sleep. Stuart dashed off to get some money from the bank and when he got back he surprised me with flowers and theeeeen he took me out to breakfast.
Eggs benedict. Yuuuum.
Then he took me shopping. Urban outfitters was having a yard sale. I got two tops for $20. Then we went to a bunch of other places and I freaked out and couldn't spend any more money. We went to Victoria's Secret who is also having a sweet sale and I got a couple cheap things and Stuart surprised me and bought me some lovely perfume.

We spent the whole day out and about. The last place we went to was Target where I filled the trolley with a million things only to put them all back apart from a tshirt and a swimming suit - which turned out to be half a bloody swimming suit! That was a surprise when I pulled it on up over my legs to find my backside and other bits hanging out for the world to see. I'll be looking for a some bottoms to go with it at some point.

I spent time in the last of the day's sunshine reading my book. I was reluctant to finish it because I was loving it so much. I finished it though and will read it again. I recommend that book a lot - "I capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith. If you read it and don't like it I don't want to hear about it. I love it.

Megan and Danielle bought some chunky chalk on their day out and today after dinner whilst Stuart was building a contraption with some K-nex and Danielle was doing homework Megan and I went out and created many wonderful pieces of art. We worked in silence and found the whole experience to be quite therapeutic. Then I was having my picture taken with my crime scene outline and almost got run over for real.

You'll see more of our summer fun when I put together our summer movie.

How was your weekend?


Chiemi said...

Sounds like a really good weekend! Go Stuart for planning out so much fun for you two.

Schows said...

Stuart really does take wonderfully good care of you, and so he should!