Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's the deal:

1. The weather right now is gloooorious! I tried to even out my farmer tan yesterday but I think the only way to really fix it would be to be naked. Gross. I know. So I won't be doing that but my tan is pretty awesome. I guess I can score that off my summer list already!

2. There's a few things going on over at The Gypsy Feet right now that I think you all might enjoy. Go check it out and join it. Mostly I'm talking about the first Gypsy Feet shoe parade but any comments and involvement are also welcome.

3. Friday: our ward is having a Medieval Banquet and I am SO excited for it. I'm working on a costume right now. I'm not sure where my love for dressing up came from but I seriously think it's the best. I love it a lot.

4. It's JUNE already! I know it's been June for 10 days but, it's JUNE!! We're half way through the year. Trippy...

5. I've been thinking about nostalgia - every night when I go to bed I hear a train in the distance and it sparks my thoughts on nostalgia and I keep meaning to post about it. I'm doing it over on The Gypsy Feet. Come over and let me know how you feel about it.


Parker said...

Pretty Laura,

Here I love your cute little blog.
FYI: I went to Ricks College back in the day. I'm assuming that you live near Rexburg. Anyhow, I was in dear Rexburg from 1994-1996 (I'm dating myself) and I loved it. I first saw my husband and had a far away school girl crush on him at Ricks. I finally had the nerve to tell him about that crush on LDS Linkup in 2004.
Thought I'd share.

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

I love you, Laura! These posts remind me of just how much I miss you. You just keep working on that tan. Maybe you'll be as tan as Jon by the end of the summer.