Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ma creashuns.

Today I've been learning stuff. I'm maybe making up for complete lack of learning from yesterday. I don't think I've had such a day like yesterday before where I learned not a thing or did anything. It wasn't good. So today I woke with some excitement. Got out of bed at 8am. Don't know the last time that happened so I was sure today would be good.

Turned the computer on and checked emails and all that good stuff - putting off 10am when I was to post the special guest post on The Gypsy Feet. 10am came around, the sun was shiny and the post was posted. Good day.

The truth be told I was waiting on 2 emails. One from each of my brothers.

1. Scott - I was waiting for a reply about something I'd asked him. From there I was inspired to get all photoshoppy and created all day.

2. Andrew - He did a little Gypsy Feeting over the weekend and I was anxious to see the pics. I got the pics, edited them and am super excited to post them. Now I'm just waiting on his blurb.

I'm very excitable right now. There's a few things I have planned, things I want to learn more of, things I want to do.

Here's to new ventures and adventures!

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Chiemi said...

I love the cute photoshopped silhouette pictures.