Monday, June 8, 2009

Miracle of miracles:

Here's a story for you! So, a week or so ago I realised that during my morning stretch in bed - you know, the kind where you're stretching your arms above your head and feel all the little pops and yawns from your spine as it wakens up and you're pushing against the headboard as hard as possible making your body slip down the mattress? I get a reeeeally good pop in my right hip and then I'm ready to roll out of bed and get on with things - ie. taming my wild mane.

So, back to last week. I noticed that during said stretches I'd get a quiver of pain from that really sore bit in my knee pit down to my calf. It felt like the startings of a cramp and being in so much pain already that feeling really freaked me out and I admit may or may not have brought a very small tear to my eye, it might have been hay fever though. Just sayin. So I'd stop stretching at that point without getting my happy hip pop.

Now, fast forward to Sunday morning around 2am. I woke up in the worst pain I've almost ever felt. Super excruciating. I had to hold back a scream. I had a killer cramp in my right calf. I think my toes were even crampy curled because of it. I was clutching at it and trying to rub it and not die. I was able to massage it out enough that I could settle down and get the worst sleep ever.

In the real morning I opened my eyes and felt the pain, not as bad as it had been but who likes pain? Not me. If you do like pain I don't even want to know about it... Aaaanyway. I was walking like there was something seriously wrong with me. Like my leg was broken or something - actually a lot like that! Emma remember the time I carried you home when your foot was actually broken? It was like that but I had no one to carry me and I was in my underwear...

Um, so no church for me. I've always - for the last 2 years - had trouble getting trousers on because of my back and lifting my right leg is a struggle. Yesterday lifting my right leg was IMPOSSIBLE! The dance routine had to change a lot for me to get my jeans on.

We stayed home and Stuart massaged and stretched my leg for me for quite a long time, bless him. And it felt a bit better - maybe had something to do with the delicious Lush Massage bar he was using (not actually the one in the link because they aren't making it right now but that one is reeeally nice too). We went on a small walk and yes, it was feeling better still.

He rubbed it some more before bed last night and it was feeling even better.

Now for the miracle - even though any kind of feeling better is a miracle this is a big un!

This morning I could have, probably actually hopped out of bed and sprung to the bathroom! It feels so much better! AND back pain is minimal!!

My theory is this: There was a cramp in my right knee pit for the last 4 or so weeks and it was cramping around my sciatic nerve. Probably just the muscles trying to protect it and be nice but it was actually strangling the nerve and killing me. The cramp was in such a place that no-one could even touch it. I tried and it really was terrible. I wanted to punch myself in the face for doing it afterwards - like chewing tin foil. Horrid! Stress was probably a big factor in it too.

So when I was stretching the muscles were obviously being stretched and the cramp was being torn from the muscle - envision an old black and white film (maybe even a silent one) where the train is pulling away from the platform and the classy, attractive gentleman is on the train. The gorgeous woman of the film is crying and starts running along trying to touch old hunky's hand one last time... Yeah, my sciatic nerve was the hunk and my muscle was the damsel. The train left the station and the damsel collapsed... oh wait. It felt like the cramp rolled from my knee to my calf. It hurt like hell but I just knew it was maybe, possibly, hopefully a good thing. The cramp was exposed and Stuart fixed it!

There's still some pain in the back of my calf and also up in the knee pit area but I can actually walk now. I don't have to wait a minute after standing up before I can actually move and walk. There's no pain like that now :) I'm excited.

I knew things would work out - my dad said so :)

I'm praying the healing continues this way because we're still a way away from being 100% better or even 50% but this is VERY good! I just need to not jump off anything/walk too far/join a circus...


Schows said...

Laura! So happy for you! Keep that Stuee massaging it for you!

Dan and Amanda said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are starting to feel better!

Megan Marie said...

It's good you are not here because I would be telling you to jump off things, wouldn't I?

Scott and Stacia said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Hope you done cramp up any more!

Ryan and Cecily said...

I'm so happy to hear about your miracle! Hooray for miracles! :)

bequi said...

It sounds like a Charlie horse, and the cure for that is calcium pills. Seriously. Try it out and see if it helps! I get pains like that sometimes in the night and taking calcium always helps.

Jana said...

Yeah I used to get those when I was pregnant a lot. The worst pain ever! Calcium and bananas help.
And I think you are probably right about the cramp helping your back pain... A dr told me once that if your leg muscles are tight it can cause back pain because they're pulling on each other all the time. He said to lay on your back and have your husband push against your legs to really stretch out that muscle on the back of your thigh. So you could try that. Might be less painful than those heroic cramps. :)