Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Most inspiring? Best eye candy?!

So, my baby AKA The Gypsy Feet has been nominated in those two categories for something or another over at Blog Luxe. Go vote for me, I mean... go vote for my baby. The Gypsy Feet. You do that kind deed via The Gypsy Feet site using the buttons on the top right once a day.

I feel like the mother forcing her child into a beauty pagent. But she is just so pretty! I know she can win!


Kritta22 said...

Have you ever seen that show on Lifetime or Discovery or something about behind the scenes at beauty pagants??! So interesting.

Off to vote.

trina said...

we definitely voted for your gypsy feet, it's a great blog! and... inspiring! ;) good luck, what happens if you win?

Chiemi said...

I'll be voting for you!!

Laura said...

Good question, Trina. I have no idea.

Thanks for voting you two :)

*off to find out what the prize is...*

Red Boots said...

Yay - that is good news - I love Gypsy feet! You've got my vote!

That's for the advice. Definitely going to be giving it a go, Irvine-ite! xx