Friday, June 26, 2009

summer summer SUMMER!!

I have great plans for this weekend. If Stuart has to work tomorrow I'm going to shoot someone - with my finger, of course.

First. I plan on starting our summer movie. (It's on The List.) Maybe we'll make a practise one of the weekend.

We have some errands to run - ie. cash pay cheque, post things... Let's hope my freshly waxed top lip settles down before Stuart gets home. I didn't think this through apparently.

I want to buy a big rope for skipping in the street.

I want to blow more bubbles. I discovered that blowing bubbles is perfect stress relief for me. I added a bubble machine to my list after thinking through my "I want one of those toy lawn mowers that blows bubbles when you push it" statement.

Eat otter pops.

Go to Dick's at midnight and also stop at 7/11 for slurpees.

I have plans.

You should make your own summer vids too. Check out Carolyn's site and enter her Team Boo Summer movie fun.

I think I want to be wearing shorts right now also... yep. Stuart better not be working tomorrow.


Hilary said...

Just so you know, Toys R Us has these bubble wands that make bubbles that are 2-3 feet around... I had one as a kid and saw them the other day...

Scott and Stacia said...

So glad your weekend was so wonderful!! Sometimes getting out and having some fun is all we need! :)