Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blue Lily and a picnic.

Yesterday we had a sort of Seattle adventure - strike that off the list. My fave! We headed out after Stuart got home from work - and after he broke his chair in the car - to meet up with our pal's, Wendy and Tyty. They were in town for some pictchur takin. I had the chance to get my grubby little mitts on Blue Lily's camera - and I'm sort of nervous the pics I took are out of focus. I was just too excited. Ain't no thang. Right? I also got the chance to snap a few of the Blue Lily team. See them here.

We first went to the Fremont Troll, which to me is always fun. I just like seeing it and getting to share it with friends is always fun. Then we went to the Space Needle which didn't fail to impress Tyler - like the Empire State building did. We walked about and over to the EMP building and back to the car then went to Azteca for some grub - and also a slight burn on my finger from the 'hot plate' which I actually think was made from fire. Hot? What a trickster that waitress was.
Then we went to Dick's for milkshake. It was a wonderful experience for all.

After that Wendy wanted to scout out a spot for picture taking which led us into the most terrifying part of the world ever. Our GPS was even scared so she (JaneJane) stopped working leaving us stranded under some motorways in the "light after dark" aka, dark. We survived without being abused or killed to death and hung out at their hotel for a while. The conversation got quite deep and now I don't believe I exist. This world we live in belongs to Wendy and we're just playing along. Also, Tyler only exists in his head (?)... Totally deep.

We left only to end up stuck in traffic at 11.30 at night. I know. I still don't understand it myself. We got home at midnight and felt quite happy with how the day turned out.

I had a great time. Thanks for letting us hang out with you two, Wendy and Tyler. I'm glad it wasn't awkward.

Then today, Stuart took the day off and we went to the Dutch Bakery to pick up some lunch because we were meeting Kirsten at the park for Picnic in the Park - a thing the city puts on which is great. There was a Bluegrass band playing. We hung out, ate, then came home.

It's been the best two days.

I only wish I'd taken more pics.


Jana said...

Killed to death... Lol!
I agree with your deep thoughts about Wendy and Tyler, and I agree that those are some deep thoughts...

whitty-acres said...

This was perhaps the funniest post I've read from any blog I've read in a L0NG time. Good one!