Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Handmade In Scotland by Helen

Tomorrow we're (my mum, dad and I) going to be launching a new site where you'll be able to witness the wonder that is my mother, the knitting machine. We'll be kicking it off with a giveaway so be prepared! If you don't win you'll have a chance to buy some stuff.

Here's what the mumma has to say:
"My mother taught me to knit when I was three years old (and that was not yesterday).
I love knitting, especially baby items.
For some years I have considered selling these beautiful little articles but have always been too busy to actually do anything about it. But thanks to my clever daughter she is trying to help me achieve this dream."

So, if you have children and want them to look as adorable as I did and my other sibs (evidence to follow) mark the grand opening of Handmade in Scotland by Helen on your bloggy calender for tomorrow (unless my internet goes down again).

Here we have Beki in a little lemon number and a sweet little hat with one of my Cabbage Patch Kids sticking out her mouth - see the "L" on it's foot? "L" for "Laura".

Here I am having a hoot (and probably a toot) in a Handmade in Scotland snowball type ensamble. Talk about cosy. I would like this hat and cardigan in adult size. Don't pretend you don't too.

This here is my first day of school. I'm sporting a little grey cardi. You know how people say "Who is John Galt?" and it means something. Well, my primary school was John Galt Primary School... Just saying. This all means something but I'm not sure what. Grey Cardigan.

Just when you think I can't be any cuter here I am! I'm going to call this jumper AKA sweater, robin egg because of the blue and speckles - robin eggs are like that, right? Either way it was knit by my mum. Did you know that I get my photography skills from her too?


Lauren said...

Oh I am excited and love the pics of you when you were little so adorable!

perfectly peri said...

I love it.

Emily and Linda said...

What gorgeous pictures of you, Laura! Your mother's handwork is beautiful. I'm commenting about it because we are a family who really appreciates handmade workmanship. Will taught himself how to knit a few years ago, and made 2 pullover sweaters for himself, and is now finishing up one of the most beautiful afghans I have ever seen. We'll look for your mum's work!

Linda Hess

Linzi said...

You were sass even back then! Your poor mum ;) Knitting is such a lost art, I'm glad your mom is keeping it alive. Pure love.

Rachel said...

I love these pics of you! What a cutie!