Monday, August 3, 2009

Gasworks Park: Unedited

This is Gasworks Park in Seattle. I'll be doing my second official photo shoot here on Wednesday afternoon. I'm a smidgen nervous so Stuart, who had the day off today and I went on a quick trip down there to scope out the area.
We fell in love with it pretty quickly - probably in the free car park actually. We love free parking! Then the first thing inside the park is this big concrete tunnel thingy with the best shadows and lines. Love love.
Giant rusty red tubey things everywhere.
Blue sky.
Stuart needs a hair cut.

There is also a kind of lofted area with wooden floors and bird poo all over the place.

I don't know what all this stuff is but it's cool. This is the perfect place for photo shoots I think.

There's also a little sort of play area and picnic area too.
Good spots for jumping off of.
And the space needle in the background.

The park has a really nice view of the city and also a lovely cool breeze coming off the water.

This is how I feel about Seattle:
I was loving the rusty red of the structure against the bright blue sky.

Yes. Gasworks Park, you will do very nicely. Thank you.

Edit: There's a couple edits here.


Cecily said...

Awesome park! Nice photos!! Good luck with your photo shoot Laura!

Megan Marie said...

this is one of my all-time-favorite-places-in-the-world. when matt and were dating we had a picnic there on new years eve. The view is amazing, and there are a couple of great climbing trees. Enjoy! Don't be nervous about your photo shoot, you'll be phenomenal.


Chiemi said...

What a cool place!

Christiana said...

What a perfect place for a photoshoot. Well scouted, you!

You're going to do a wondrous job. Fantastical, really.

[Don't you worry your pretty little head.]

Beth Adams said...

Before everyone goes their separate ways this summer we should do a family photo shoot. Would this be a good place?

Rachel said...

I have lived in this area for 10 years and I've never been there. What a loser i am.