Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"So long Astoria, I found a map to hidden treasure..."

We're back but not for long it would seem. Let me start at the beginning (it's a very good place to start.)...

Last Monday Stuart and I decided to take off on our Oregon trip early. His grandparents live down there and so the whole family was going to be leaving on Thursday. We decided since we had nothing else to do and since we deserved it we'd take off early and take our time getting there. Stuart was looking for somewhere for us to camp on the way down when he found a little cabin by the sea. Perfect. It turned out to be the last one the campsite had for that night. It was meant to be.

So Tuesday at 6am we took off with Megan. This is what she looked like...

Our first stop was Astoria. We did a little Goonies tour of the town. It was the best even though JaneJane (our GPS) tried to have us turn straight of a bridge to get to the street below. She was really sassy this trip, I'll tell you what! The first stop in Astoria was at the harbour where we had a picnic and stretched and gazed at the bridge and gulped down a ton of salty sea air - my fave.
After our picnic we went to find Mikey's house - that's when JaneJane tried to kill us. We found it though and we were still alive.
And then we went here:

And saw this - Mikey's dad's museum:

Then we went to Cannon Beach. You might recognise this:
It was a really nice sunny day to be at the beach. We frolicked for a short time then took off again and stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory where we filled up on cheese curds and ice cream.

Then we hit the road again.

We got to our cabin at around 5pm and were very excited. Stuee got the fire going and we roasted hot dogs for dinner then when it got dark Megan treated us to some of the worst ghost stories I've ever heard.
We all went to bed and then got up and left the site by 10am and made our way down to Grants Pass but not before stopping at a couple more places. Those pictures will have to wait though because I need to go to bed.

As we were leaving Astoria and singing in the car we got a phone call letting us know that Stuart's been accepted to school down in Hayward, CA. YAAAY! School starts in about 5 weeks and I need to find us somewhere to live. I have my eye on this place just now. How likely does that seem? I have my fingers crossed.


Tyler said...


Kizzie said...

What a fin trip! I love leisurely road trips, they're so relaxing and fun!

And so awesome to hear Stuart got accepted, that house looks adorable!!! Good luck finding a place and with the move!!

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

Congrats to Stuart on getting into school! That's great! And Oregon looked beautiful. I've been to Astoria once, and hope I get to go back again someday. Fun times!

Lacey said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast! What a cool Goonies trip!!!

Chiemi said...

How fun! I love that tiny little cabin. So cute. Congrats to Stuart!!!! How exciting!

Kamilli Vanilli said...

Hey Hey Hey! (Ok, that sounds like Fat Albert...not my intent...) Anyways...congratulations on Stuart's acceptance into school! That is so exciting! I am sure you guys are thrilled to get the aitch out of here! Good luck on finding a place to live.

Red Boots said...

I am so jealous you did a Goonies tour! I was OBSSESSED with the Goonies as a child (still am to be honest!).

And congratulations on Stuart's getting in to school!


Vikki Miller said...

OH MY GOSH! Jealousy = Me.

You just lived one of my dreams.



You're moving to california! Ahhhh. How exciting.

How exciting. :)

Congratulations to Stuart. I hope everything works out fantastically.

That house was well cute by the way :):):)

Schows said...

Laura!!!! So exciting!! Tell Stuart congratulations! 5 weeks!! Ahhhh Well done you two!

Megan Marie said...


Megan Marie said...

And if you ever pass through Salem again with out stopping, I WILL kill you.