Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stuff I dig and will someday own:

Stuart arranged for his phone interview with the school to happen this week hopefully. We're getting closer to having our own home. Weeeee!
I've been compiling a wishlist on Amazon for when I have money to buy things for our new home and have been getting pretty excited - especially since seeing Megan's dishes she got yesterday from Ikea. I look forward to choosing out my own plates! Who knew that'd be so exciting? I can hardly wait! I want to paint walls - and maybe get back into actually painting like on canvas someday. Oooh. Yes. I like that idea. Space to paint will be very welcome.
One day I'll have my own tea set.

Sweet little butterfly accents.

Green kitchen
Kurt Halsey artwork (my fave.)
Amy Rice artwork
Delicious Sofette from Pottery Barn
Settee from Pottery Barn.

In other news, Megan and a few others were laid off from Jansport yesterday. That means Stuart's job is coming to an end too. I'm thinking he might be done by the end of this week. That means no Jansport income but we'll have a bit of time to spend together and maybe I can pick up a few more photography gigs to make some money.

I'm sad that I'm looking forward to summer being over. I'll miss it soon enough but we're ready for a change and to get on with things.

We're hoping/praying that this summer will mark the end of our patheticness. That we'll be able to live on our own for more than 6 months at a time and maybe start a family. So much to look forward to!


Chiemi said...

That settee from PB is so cute! Love it!

Jessica Bjorn said...

CUTE STUFF!!! I have the tea pot that goes with that tea set (gifted). Love your style! ^_^

Linzi said...

I didn't know I wanted that tea set but now after seeing it, I really want it! Or maybe I'll just come over for tea when you get it someday :)

Megan Marie said...


that's where i've been posting my dreams. i found a cute little room with polka-dot walls that you would like. see if you can spot which one.

We picked the same Sofette. :)

Rusti said...

Kindred spirits! Love every piece!

Beth Adams said...

I can't wait to see your place when you are done. I love how you can see things and pull them together in a room.

Rose Red said...

Great stuff!

I love your header, super cute.

nookie said...

love the first sofa:)


Those butterfly plates are so sweet!

CTR2002 said...

i want a kitchen aid too..