Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back the truck up!

Before I get into the exciting tour of our little house and such I wanted to record the experience we had just before we left to come down here.

So, Stuart applied for a student loan through a well known bank. The way the bank works out how much money you need is you fill out a form of itemised categories to tell them how much you spend on certain things a year. They break it down a lot and don't leave a thing out ie. toiletries, entertainment, clothes, rent, car insurance...

Stuart filled it all out and the total came to a lot. Then they approved us and we were so happy. We would be able to make it through the next three years with a ton of debt but we wouldn't starve or be naked whilst doing so.

Then a few days before we left to come down here we got a call from the school telling us we would not be getting that much as a student loan because they have their own living budget and the government caps off loans to how much the school says you need.

So now we're in a sticky spot. We need to come up with $9000 in order to make it through school the school year and that's without entertainment and clothing and gifts.

I'm not completely sick about it anymore. The truth is Stuart goes to school for 40 hours a week. He doesn't have time to get a job. I'm hoping he can get a little job at the school but that isn't going to earn us $9000. My lack of drivers license is a big problem - never mind the back issues.

I can make some money taking pictures and I'm looking in to online schooling so I can get pell grants and of course, a degree.

We've been blessed that Stuart's parents have been able to help us this far. We're trying our best to make this work and know that something will happen and we'll make it. Stuart's seriously curbed his appetite to help save money on food - that's a big deal and I think my 25th is cancelled this year, which is good news for me. I never wanted to be 25 anyway.

Keep us in your thoughts and if you find any money in your couch it might have fallen out my pocket, I'm just sayin. ;)

And I don't recommend you come here trick or treating.


Shannon said...

Have you ever thought about getting a drivers license? Or you don't want to drive?
What about a part time babysitting job, where the kid(s) came to you? I know that can earn some good money, but it does take up a lot of time.

Laura said...

Shannon, I will learn to drive eventually but for now we don't have money for lessons or insurance or the petrol I would be using.

Scott and Stacia said...

So sorry it will be so much more than you were expecting! I am so glad it seems to be working out okay for now! Good luck with it all.