Friday, October 23, 2009

Being almost-a-winner still feels good:

As I was creating my Bucket List yesterday I was adding things I've already accomplished to help get the juices flowing and inspire me to take things to the next level. One of the things on the list is "Have my writing published", which has already happened. Then I was thinking of how to put myself out there even more. I've been submitting pictures I've taken into little contests and this month I submitted my terrifying "Car Thief" story into a writing contest. Writing and photography are my two contest worthy talents I think. Mostly I really wanted the prize - a necklace - so I could send it to my mum. The link between winning a writing contest and winning a prize to give to my mum go hand in hand because she's the one who has really encouraged my writing so my winning makes her a winner - and the necklace was really her.

I have been entering blog give-aways recently hoping to win loot to give to family for Christmas since money is so tight but haven't won anything yet. In my mind I have given up. Pulling a name out a hat doesn't work as well for me. I guess I need to work harder to win things.

I got an email last night saying I made it as an honorable mention and I got the Winner button for my blog. I was SUPER excited! And then I checked the site this morning to see how many articles were submitted - around 40. And they have one winner and 3 honorable mentions *patting self on back*. For never winning anything or never trying to win anything I have to say I'm really quite pleased with myself and I'm excited to write more and hopefully win a contest some day :)

Go and see my winner button!


Ashley Malena Yates said...

That's amazing!! Good job! Well, I think your stories and the way you tell them are super fun to read. I enjoy reading about your adventures, especially the "car thief." That had me rolling.

Rachel said...

A job well done Laura!!! Keep going!!!!