Monday, October 19, 2009

Chinese Chicken Noodle soup:

Here it is Dani...

You need:
chicken boobs
soup shells or broken up spaghetti pasta
onion diced
sweetcorn, drained

Dice your onion and brown it in a soup pot.
Once browned add water to make the base of your soup.
Get it boiling.
Add raw chicken.
Boil until cooked - about 20 minutes.
Remove chicken and shred.
Salt and pepper your stock. If you want it more flavorful add a chicken stock cube or can of stock.
Throw the chicken back in.
Add can of corn.
Add pasta and boil til firm - about 7 minutes for shells, a little less for spaghetti.
Bring soup to a rolling boil. (Don't ask Stuart what that looks like because we just argued about it last night.)
Rolling boil... seperate yolks from egg whites. Keep both.
Burst the yolks in a cup.
When soup is rolling use a wooden spoon to spin it as fast as you can without splashing yourself and drizzle in the egg whites.
Then do the same with the yolks.

That's it.

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