Monday, October 26, 2009


I know, you American's will be scoffing me because 1) Halloween isn't here yet and 2) there's still Thanksgiving to celebrate BUT I'm Scottish and I'm thankful (almost) every day. I think you'll understand where I'm coming from though because if we add British celebrations in there too the list will be pretty long:

I'm SO excited to have my brother, Andrew and his girlfriend, Jenna here for Christmas this year.
We don't have much/any money so I need to plan ahead when it comes to gifting.
With Halloween, Thanksgiving (My birthday, Guy Fawkes Day, St. Andrew's Day) and then Christmas I get overwhelmed and need to think a bit further in advance.

Last year we went to Scotland and surprised my family for Christmas. This year we'll be here in California. It'll be a humble affair and I'm pretty excited, I won't lie. Christmas in a new place, with new people and a new situation. Oh yes!

So again, like last year Stuart and I are giving a few gifts and because we can't afford to spoil people we want them to still feel very lucky with the specially chosen gifts we'll be giving. Thought is going to go into each and every one of them, more than normal.

Here's our plan (I'm really in a listy mood right now and I'm using a lot more brackets than normal)...

-Make gifts. I'll be compiling links and ideas throughout the season. If you have any share them too!
-Buy home made gifts - Etsy!

We want to support the little man and I'd like to encourage you to too. (To-Too! Tutu! Toot toot!)
I love Etsy. Gifts can be shipped straight to the recipient and sometimes shipping will be free AND the items will be gift wrapped.

I'll be Etsy-ing and Decclo-ing. You should too!

What's your favourite Etsy shop?


Chiemi said...

Well I'm one american that won't scoff you for talking about christmas early. I love christmas and have been thinking/working on things for it for months! I'm looking forward to seeing the links you post.

Andrea said...

Homemade and thoughtful gifts are the best kind IMO!

Brooke said...

Ahh Christmas already! Its good your thinking in advance. We've already got half of the boys stuff taken care of. Can I just say Gerard Butler hosted Saturday Night Live and while watching a few of the clips I thought of you and your lovely accent. I'm sure you really really care.

Scott and Stacia said...

I too will be making some homemade gifts. We do this gift exchange of cookies, jams, crafts, etc with my cousins. Lets just say i am so NOT creative, or crafty. I will be looking back for ideas :)

Laura said...

Brooke: I thought you were going to say Gerard Butler reminded you of how hot I am. Haha. The accent works too I guess ;)