Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The daily stuff.

We arrived here on the night of Wednesday the 23rd of September and spent a day shopping and collecting furniture on the Thursday and then on Friday morning Stuart's parents left and Stuart started school and I was all alone. The move down here was quick and since then everything else has been go-go-go or atleast for Stuart. I feel like I sit watching as life whizzes by.

Stuart's really enjoying school. He's learning a bunch of stuff and right now is saying that he's surprised how easy it all is. We think/hope it's because of his biology degree and not because he's missing the point and getting everything wrong but thinking it's right.

We have a daily routine which I like. It goes like this:

6am - alarm goes off. I push Stuart out of bed - right now it's really chilly in the morning too so he clings on as long as he can before walking 4 feet to the bathroom.
6.40am - morning prayers. Stuart tends to say them in the morning slumped over my lifeless body.
6.45am - I roll out of bed to see if he needs help.
7am - I watch him climb over the car in the garage to open the door. The garage barely fits the car. I wave and blow kisses as he leaves. I close and lock the garage, turn the light out and head back to bed.

4/5pm - I get a text telling me he's on his way home. I open the garage.
4.30/5.30pm - He gets home and I hop up to meet him in the kitchen. His school is 6 miles away and it takes him half an hour to drive home.
6pm - Dinner
9.30pm - Go to bed. Read scriptures and say prayer.
10pm - Lights out. I initiate the nightly torture in the form of a tickle fight.
10pm - midnight - I listen to him snoring and poke and push him to make him stop.

That's our life right now.

Stuart is trying to set aside 2 hours at the same time everyday to study and do homework. It's going well right now but this is only the second week. We have a little detached studio out in the back garden that he sometimes has to shut himself in because when he gets home I can't stop talking to him.

We haven't had time to explore our new town but we are enjoying being here. The sunshine is really good for us. I'm still working on unpacking and arranging things just now but I promise a tour of our little house soon.

I have a few things keeping me busy - looking for online schools, unpacking, getting back into the routine of housework, designing tshirts, I'm writing a book (I know!), learning life lessons... it's all good.

On Sunday we stopped at some local Japanese gardens on our way home from church and took some pictures. The reflections on the fish pond were amazing. That's pretty much us for now. Life is pretty good.


Crystalbell said...

How do you like living in the Bay Area so far?

We're practically neighbors now!

Scott and Stacia said...

6miles in 30min?? Okay, that is crazy! I am glad to hear that things are going alright. Moving to a new place with no friends, and no job hard. Hang in there though. Going from Rexburg to anywhere is difficult. I miss all the friends we made and the fun things that filled the days. Enjoy unpacking and having a house too!

Lauren said...

Your hair is so long! I really like it. A book, t-shirt designs, potential schooling life is not whizzing you by dearie! I am glad you are all getting settled and that school is going so well for Stuart. Love ya!

emma said...

you look really good with your hair long like that. Niels and I have a similar routine, only right now he works from 9 until about 8pm has 1 1/2 hour break, then he works again until 1/2/3/4!!! uhu :/ Its like 'hello there', when we both arrive home from work at the same time and bump into each other at the door!

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

I MISS YOU!!!! You're so close, yet so far.