Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life Loves:

1. Our little house. It's almost unpacked. I'll be hanging curtains today and then I should be ready to give the grand tour.
b. The space we have in our little house.
c. The freedoms of living in our little house ie. walking around in my underwear, doing laundry whenever, not locking the bathroom door when I'm using it etc...

2. Stuart being gone all day makes me feel like we're really achieving something education wise. I'd love to have him home more but with him being at school I know he's really learning stuff.
b. Being palpated by Stuart.

3. Friends. I don't have many/any in the area right now but I'm really looking forward to having Andrew and Jenna here for Christmas and also for Wendy and TyTy (Blue Lily) to drop by after Christmas.

4. Looking forward to Stuart having some time to drive me to new places. I have a list I'll have to post of the places I'd like to visit within the next three years.

5. Apart from the lack of friends (boo hoo) I feel quite content here. We're happy and comfortable. Life feels right.

6. The rain storm we had on Tuesday made me feel like I was home in Scotland until water started coming in through the fan in the bathroom. Then it was an adventure.

7. Getting/sending texts. Oh how I've missed my text life.

8. Christmas. I can't wait to put our tree up and see what kind of gifts I can make for Stuart, Andrew and Jenna with things about the house.

9. Family history. I joined a Stronach group on facebook a couple days ago and it's making me very happy. It's nice to feel part of something whilst being so far from family.

10. Church bells. I hear them at noon every day and they make me happy.

What do you love about life right now?


Andrea said...

Seriously, you are so lucky to be married to a (soon to be) chiro...For real.

Chiemi said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the new place!

spyderette said...

oh goodie! i've been waiting for pictures too!