Saturday, November 7, 2009

California and I are friends.

I like it here. I've mentioned before how living in California is a cheesy dream come true for me. Most people who dream of living in this country will have dreamt of living in California. Hollywood, Disneyland, Baywatch, Beverly Hills 90210, Top Gun, California raisins, palm trees, beaches, sunshine... Who wouldn't want that?

I'll tell you who - Stuart.

I had to work a lot of magic to get Stuart to "apply to just one school" and making it be a school in California instead of Oregon took a bit of work too. Now though, Mr. I'll-Never-Live-in-California is singing a different tune. This sunshine is just what he needed after four long years in Idaho. He's been wearing flip flops the whole time we've been here - and needs a new pair because they really stink. No winter coats needed here!

We like it.


Rachel Keyser said...

There is a reason the Bay Area is so stickin expensive - the weather is AMAZING. We've been spoiled by it for 3 1/2 years and don't want to leave!

tara said...

Refresh my memory - where in CA are you at?

Chiemi said...

Yes, the weather in Cali is LOVELY. It one of the many things I love about California.

Megan said...

Why was he so against Californ-i-a? I thought he just didn't want to have to learn how to birth babies. Was that a lie just because he wanted something to tell people besides "Laura wants to live in California?" Or was that one of the reasons you used to convince him?

Laura said...

Rachel: I'm surprised by how well I've adjusted to this weather. I thought the lack of cold would have made me homesick especially around this time of year but it hasn't. I'm feeling very blessed - and spoiled :)

Tara: We're in the Bay Area.

Chiemi: What else do you love about it?

Megan: You should know better than anyone how learning to birth babies would interest Stuart. I had to convince him that learning that is a waste of time, even if it would be fun to learn. I think mostly he's scared of change and other peoples strong opinions really effect him. Which is fine because it's a comfort zone thing. I'm lucky that he listens to me and that my strong opinion about adventure and adult men with umbilical cords rubs off so easily on him :)

Cassie Bumcrot said...

That is so funny. I love it. It's true...some of the things you think you will hate, you end up lovin'.

Nicole Marie said...

yes its a great place :)