Friday, November 6, 2009

Edited: The darkness within.

Something I think about once or twice a winter is how being on a different continent the daylight is different and I have to admit it's a little trippy how much it effects me.

In Scotland when the clocks go back the nights get darker around 4pm-ish and the mornings are darker, not pitch black but duller until about 11am. The grass tends to be crunchy and frosty in the morning and you can pretend to be a chimney really well by puffing big clouds of cold air. Often I'd walk home from school and get in when it was really dark - thanks to my good friend Sam I never got mugged because he'd walk me all the way to my back gate. I'd get home and there would be a glow from the kitchen window which would be all foggy from the inside because of something delicious my mum was making for dinner in her green apron. Often soup with crusty bread. Heaven.

In Idaho the nights get dark around 6pm and the mornings are light around 7am-ish. Is that right Rexburg friends? The mornings seemed blindingly bright due to the knee high snow. I loved that though and then the glow from the street lights at night as the snow fell, twinklingly. I miss that a little too. I could create the same fogged up window by making soup for Stuart getting home from school.

Here in California the mornings are light around 6.30am-ish and the nights draw in at 5pm. I'm getting used to it and I can't really complain :)


Megan said...

Alls I know is that it was horrendously windy today. Bleh. Poop on Rexburg.

Chiemi said...

Light changes are sooo trippy.