Monday, November 9, 2009

Etsy love: Art

Christmas is getting very close. It's time to get all your Etsy stuff ordered so it'll be shipped on time to get here for the big day!

I could spend a LOT of money on art from etsy and some day I will!

Here's some faves:
I can't wait to have a kid to decorate it's room with some of these.

Fun and colourful little picture: The Little Mermaid from Serpentmandalas

Lovely Ducky by tuttistudio's - The little guy looks exactly like our Cambi. *tear* I want it!

Gorgeous colours and whimsy: High Hopes by Robert David Bretz from Paintallnightstudios.

One of my absolute faves. I love those rosy cheeks: Stella of The Sea by Marisol Spoon

This one's a classic and I love it: Keep Calm and Carry On from BluLima

Another fave that I know Stuart would hate: November Rain by BlackEyedSuzie

My future baby wants this: Framed Birdies in a Pear by Joom

There's plenty more where that came from and there's something for everyone!


Chiemi said...

Oooo so cool! I really like that pear and bird one, also the Black eyed suzie too.

LeaAnne said...

I LOVE *High Hopes* It is just beautiful!