Thursday, November 12, 2009

The final countdown:

One week from today I will be 25 years of age. Twenty-five is going to be different than my other years. Changes are going to be made.

For Stuart and anyone else who feels the desire to shower me with gifts on this momentous and milestone of an occasion here's some things I wouldn't say "no" to.

$10 Firecracker earrings by Beazzuness or these ones. Yummy!

$28 Stella Locket by Marisol Spoon 

$19 Josephine feather hairband by LiveInStyle

$10 Trio Stud set by Dahlias Forme

$12 Julia Ring by Peaches for Me

Oooh 25 is going to be classy!


Chiemi said...

Cuuute jewelry!

Lindsay said...

i like when people TELL me what to get them. :) it makes it easy.