Monday, November 2, 2009

It's NaBloPoMo!

And seeing as I've already failed I'm just going to start my own little NaBloPoMo called "LaNaBloPoMoYO!", ok? I'm blaming my early failure on the time change, just fyi.

If you think I'm drunk right now let me tell you what that stands for: National Blog Posting Month. There's a site for it and everything.

I'm hoping that by blogging every day for a month I'll be able to make a good habit of this and continue into the New Year with it and such - for the sake of my posterity, of course. Goodness knows I have plenty to say! Also with this being my twenty-fifth year on earth I want to make it a special year and get rid of my manic ways concerning the number 25.

I have a few habits I want to develop over the month that will give me something to blog about but if you have any questions or ideas for me let me know. Come tomorrow I'm probably going to need them...

Since this is November 2nd I'll be posting something else later... once I think of something.

Are you NaBloPoMo'ing?
Missed the first day? Go ahead and join LaNaBloPoMoYO!
Leave a comment if you're joining either of those and I will try to leave a comment every day :)


Danielle said...

Oh's also national novel writing month or something like that...I thought about doing that...maybe I still can. I've only missed one day after all.

Chiemi said...

Cool! I'm looking forward to your posts!

CTR2002 said...

Wow! I joined before I knew what it was! lol

What I mean is I had decided to do that then came here and read your entry! :)

Rachel said...

I wanna join! I'm late too, but that's a good goal.

Megan said...

I am blogging every day! That's a big change for me. I hope I don't run out of interesting things to say!