Sunday, November 15, 2009

New T: New Moon

I'm loving everyone's answers to the question I asked last night. Keep them coming. No-ones picked another country to grow up in. I find that interesting.

I wanted to share this with you. I know I mentioned and linked to it before but I want to show you the picture for any lazy bones who don't feel like clicking the link. Hopefully this will encourage you.

Lindsay designed these tshirts for us to wear to my birthday viewing of New Moon. I know I make sound like it's being released on the 19th just because it's my birthday. Anyway, here's the shirt design.

Feast your eyes on this:

Isn't it perfect? I've never been so attracted to Edward (Team Jacob! WOO!) I suggest you snatch one up for your nerdy self before they're gone and if you're too embarrassed to sport it yourself - shame on you- why not grab one for a fellow Twilighty's Christmas?

Lindsay will draw anything you pay her to. She's drawn me and it freaks me out how cute I am in cartoon. Portraits, blog headers, tshirts you name it she'll do it and it'll look amazing.

Lindsay, I'm going to help you get that screen print apparatus if it's the last thing I do! So-help-me!


Jana said...

Ah!... I went to buy one of those cute baby onsies and saw that shirt, and I bought it! She is going to rush it to me for the premiere! The really sad and nerdy thing about it is that I already had an Edward shirt that I was going to wear... But this one trumped it! Biggest geek ever! Whatevs...

Laura said...

Whatevs indeed. I want to see pics when you go to see it!

Mari said...

This is awesome..happy early birthday and thanks for letting me know I need this shirt...because now I NEED THIS SHIRT!