Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today is brought to you by the letter "E".

(This post needed a picture and this is all I had. Did everyone have a good Halloween?)

Education is very important. Up until now structured education has not been for me. I left high school liking the idea of getting in to textile design but now having the confidence - or grades - to go for it. Time went on and I started learning things on my own; valuable lessons that more school would teach me to seek after. I got married to a very clever man who loves to learn from books and teachers and even gets excited about it. Me, no. I don't enjoy being in a classroom. I don't enjoy being told what and when to learn. I'm like a bird. I don't like being caged up, I like to fly free... That's a beautiful image right there.

When we moved here and Stuart started school it became very obvious that money was going to be tight. Tight like a noose. Strangling us to death. This is where we're meant to be so we can't let a little thing like extreme lack of money get in the way. Then a friend started a company and I did some designs and thought to myself,  "I like this. I want to be able to do more than just this AND these are good skills for my photo editing too. I want more!"

Within no time - as in I applied for more info and the phone rang 15 minutes later - I was enrolled in school. It took me 4 days to get all my paper work sorted and entrance exams taken. Seriously. I decided and it happened.

I'm really excited to get a degree in Graphic Design. It's going to help me a lot with the skills I need to be a better designer and photographer. My advisor, Erika has been amazing and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about adding her as a friend on Facebook. Yeah, she's been that great! She's called almost every day since last Monday to talk to me through the process and encourage me. It's been a really wonderful experience - until today.

Let me just say that being able to get an education online is a huge blessing for me. There's no other way that this would work with my lack of drivers license and my lack of discipline - when I told my dad I was doing this the first and only thing he said was "You're going to have to discipline yourself." Thanks dad. No-one knows more than I do that I'm going to have to work hard on discipling myself when it comes to getting work done. I enjoy being distracted, it's practically a hobby.

Anyway, the enrollment process with Western Career College has been like a dream until today when I got a call from another admissions advisor who's main goal was to have me start school next week. The next term starts next week and is only one class which is easy peasy. And that's fine. If this was the start of any other term I'd have gone for it. November though is my birth month, Thanksgiving, New Moon, the busy month before Christmas. December brings finishing cleaning and organising the guest room for Andrew and Jenna (yay!), entertaining Andrew and Jenna, maybe a little holiday if we go to pick them up from Bakersfield, Christmas prep etc.... This month is not a good time for me to be starting school and on top of that there's personal issues.

Megan (the admissions girl) really didn't seem to listen to me when she asked why I wouldn't start next month. She thinks/thought it was my fear holding me back and asked four times, "What's the worst that could happen?"

I'm not sure if it's a new change that's come over me or what but if I say "no" it means "no". When Stuart says "no" it means "ask two more times and I'll cave." I do not have patience or time for people who don't accept it when I say "no" and I was pretty damned close to shouting at this poor girl.

So that last time she asked "What's the worst that could happen?" I let her know. The worst that could happen doesn't affect me in the slightest. The worst that could happen is that I unenroll myself faster than I enrolled myself and it would be her fault and I'd be sure to let Erika know that. She wanted to know what's going on in my life that she can help with. Um, no. There's nothing in my life a stranger can help with especially not a stranger who cuts me off mid-sentence and is bullying me into something I don't want to do. I wish my issues could be solved over the phone with someone I've never spoken to before - I really wish that!

I'd still recommend Western Career College to anyone - just watch out for that last admissions call!

I'm not afraid to start school. I'm really excited. Any other month and I could start next week. November is a busy month around here. I'm looking forward to learning and filling my dusty brain with some new knowledge.

If I started school next week it would be before my 25th birthday. I know it's not really a good reason to put off an education but I need 25 to be, and will make it a very special year.


Greg and Michelle said...

First off, I am SO excited for you that you are doing this! You are going to do great! You are so talented and artsy. Second, that Megan lady sounds like a big B word and I am glad you stood up to her. I have thought about getting more education, but I have talked to people like her from online schools and it has really turned me off to getting an online degree. But hearing about Erika who is actually helpful and encouraging gives me hope that not all people are like that.
Third, where do you get your inspirations for homemade Christmas gifts and such. I have been thinking a lot about doing more homemade for Christmas this year too because of lack of money. Any hint or direction you could give me would be great!
Fourth, You are an awesome person and you inspire me to try to be awesome like you!

Danielle said...

I'm sorry for that frustration! I'm so excited for you though! It sounds like you have a lot of awesome plans for the future and I'm happy for you!

Rachel said...

"I enjoy being distracted, it's practically a hobby."

I love you so much :)