Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: The feel of it.

2009 was haaaard. Really hard.
I started the year at home in Scotland where my mum fed me goood.
We came back to a baltic Rexburg, Idaho and got ready to leave forever.
We decided to really make the most of our last few months in the 'burg and I think we succeeded.
Stuart took me away on a romantic weekend where I made some choices about the future of our family. I shared a bit about myself with you - probably more than you ever wanted to know.
I was depressed a lot and worked hard to get my spice back.
Stuart continued to make me laugh when I really needed it.
2009 is the year he crossed over and now loves deli meat.
I had a baby.
I overcame nerves and taught a lesson.
Photography became everything and I gave a great pep talk about it. Photography is so silly!
We celebrated 5 years together and built a tent.
We tried to have some final Rexburg adventures.
Lauren visited and we got up to mischief.
Stuart graduated from BYU-Idaho and I was so proud. Megan took family pics.
We went back to Marysville, WA.
Chiropractic school became official instead of Dental school.
We made our 2009 Summer List.
We blew a lot of bubbles.
I dyed my hair and my mum said "Where did my sensible daughter go?" haha.
I thought I had the gift of tongues/ears.
I got creative over the summer with graphic design and videos and chalk.
I got nostalgic and wrote some lovely words.
I helped a sister achieve a dream and so did you!
There was fireworks, bbq and books.
We met Wendy and Tyty AKA Blue Lily in Seattle - and Wendy visited me again a couple of nights ago.
We explored Gasworks Park, Astoria OR (best day ever), other Oregon spots and Leavenworth.
We bought our first mobile phones, got accepted to Chiropractic School, did one last summer Silly Girls Shoot.
I shared a dream and did some dreaming and shared some secrets of our happy marriage.
We prayed a lot and prayers were answered.
We found a house and moved to California and I love it.
I showed you our house.
I wrote a personal essay and it won an award and made people laugh.
I became a member of Team Decclo and my first design is being printed and stocked right now.
I made a friend and life became very wonderful.
I joined in NaBloPoMo.
I became addicted to Etsy and I also became a cartoon, TWICE and got creative with Christmas cards.
I learned that I have abnormal sleep habits.
I aged a year and celebrated like I was much younger.
I enrolled in school to get my degree in Graphic Design and learned that I am clever.
I kept dreaming - this time about owning a boutique in Scotland.
I entered the Nikon Film Festival and didn't make it to the final 50. Became discouraged.
The Gypsy Feet hosted it's first giveaway.
Andrew came for Christmas with Jenna and we visted Cliff and Joy.
We spent a hilarious night with some Kirby salesmen.
We had Christmas and a couple more adventures with Andrew and Jenna.
And now they're gone and here we are.

That was 2009.


trina said...

a lovely year!

Chiemi said...

2009 was sure a fun year!

Tam said...

Looks like it was a beautiful year for you! Yay!!