Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My quest for the best:

I was thinking a while ago - I knooow! - when we were considering moving back to the motherland of what I would do there. Right now moving back isn't on the cards but there's a part of me that really wants to fulfill the dream I have of opening a shop over there. It would be so cool! I'd stock it with all my favourite American things and if you think about that it's pretty genius seeing as America is cheaper than Scotland. My main reason for wanting to do that is so I could share it with people because life's tough enough as it is. By stocking my little shop full of American goodness I'd be able to sell it at a decent price too. It'd be very affordable.

One of the things I've been excited about this week is Scentsy. I love the idea of that. The warmers wouldn't work in the UK because we used different plugs but still, the idea is great and the prices aren't bad either. 

My shop would have lots of great things in it. In my mind I already know what building I'd have it in in my hometown. I can see it! I don't think people really have time for hobbies as much as they do here so I'd stock it full of things to help encourage a creative outlets. I'd have ladies night where we'd do little classes and eat baked goods from my mum's kitchen. It'd be great. Someday I really want to achieve this even if we don't move back. It's still possible.

So along with Etsy this giving season add Scentsy. I love how they both sound alike. It's meant to be!


Greg and Michelle said...

Anything is possible! You are such a great person with so many good ideas and great talents. I was just thinking that I love reading your blog because you inspire me to just write to express myself. That is something that I am going to work on since you just inspired me to do that.

Chiemi said...

I love scentsy! You could get some cheap plug converters. That's what Dustin and I used when we travel abroad and need to charge our cellphones.

Lindsay said...

no!!!! don't leave me!!!! but if you do.. it gives me reason to come see you :) and be around you scots.. or as III like to say.. scotch. HAH