Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Santa, Santa, Santa Cruuuz...

On Monday we went down to Santa Cruz since this is the last few days of having Andrew and Jenna with us. :( Let's not talk about that.

Santa Cruz is a place I'd like to spend more time at. I'm hoping that I can go down there a few times during this summer.

Then we went for a game of Lazer Tag at the:

Would you like to know my laser tag score? Course you would:
Final Score: 300
Shot: 5 people
Was shot: 30 times
Yeah, it was bad.

Andrew and Stuart and Jenna then played on the Dodgems:

This picture of Andrew causing a wreck cracks me up every time I see it. The cheeky look on his face and how he's the only thing in focus. Oh it's a cracker!

I love Santa Cruz even in the drizzly rain.

When we got home we had pizza for dinner then went to see Sherlock Holmes. It was a very great day.


Lisa sheehy said...

Hey Laura and Stuart! That looked like a great day. Will and I are dying to move to California, but will have to wait till I have finished studying. x Whereabouts are you living? It looks great. x
I have been reading your blog for ages but only became a 'follower' today! It is really good and congrats on getting some of ur designs on t shirts - they are very cool. I am thinking up a god 'gypsy feet' photogaph to send u too. xxxxxxxx

Mari said...

these pictures are soo good I love the carnival there or fair it just looks amazing! can I join next time?!?!

trina said...

that photo is hilarious! you are so talented!

Katz said...

I love me some Santa Cruz. I've only been in the summer, though.

I totally have a video of the creepy dude with the monocle.

Chiemi said...

What a fun trip!!

Lindsay said...

i love your brother's kilt. it's sexy. dead sexy. oh.. and i love jenna!!! :)

Manda said...

I agree with the kilt comment! Lol. I wish Sean had the legs to pull off a kilt. Hahahaha. (He'd hurt me if he knew I just said that.)

Kirsten said...

Laura, your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

j.peri said...

i love love love those pictures.
so inspiring!
just lovely.


Beth Adams said...

I have never been to Santa Cruz. It looks pretty cool!