Saturday, January 2, 2010

Laura's Life List:

I'm trying to set some goals for 2010, not unlike my annual summer lists. I want to stay motivated and be able to accomplish things, no matter how small. Goals don't need to be big, right?
So instead of just a 2010 list I'm going full steam ahead and following my new friend, Jesse's example and start a life list and stealing some of his goals too. A lot of these could be accomplished this year, that's the idea at least...

1. Go to Disneyland
2. Have a baby
3. Adopt a child
4. Write a book
5. Write a book of my parent's life stories
6. Watch a space shuttle launch in person
7. Take Stuart on a surprise trip
8. Have a huge 10th Anniversary Party
9. Take Stuart to his first rock concert
10. Get my drivers license
11. See Mount Rushmore
12. Re-open my Etsy store
13. Ride in a cable car
14. Publish a book of my photos
15. Have 200 Gypsy Feet followers
16. Go to a surf competition
17. See the pyramids in Egypt
18. Invent something
19. Build our own home
20. Get my degree in Graphic Design
21. Be famous
22. Go to Hawaii
23. Pay for my parents to visit me
24. Go to Harry Potter World
25. Take Stuart to London
26. Plant a garden
27. Own a retro car
28. Have a vintage camera collection
29. Go to the grand canyon
30. Win a photography competition
31. Go to a rodeo
32. Send more postcards
33. Write thank you notes
34. Drive Route 66
35. Go to New York
36. Visit every state
37. Spend a Christmas in Denmark
38. Help someone fulfil something on their list
39. Shoot a Decclo campaign
40. Go to Valencia, Spain for the tomato throwing

To be continued...


Rachel said...

I like your goals :) Sounds like a fun time!

Lacey said...

I got to be on part of Route 66 in December! You should go see my blog and check out the trip my kids and I took with my parents because it's so funny! I got a picture of the old Route 66 sign too! My parents thought I was nuts, but it was so cool!

trina said...

go laura!! good luck especially with numbers 2 and 3!

Nicole Marie said...

this is such a great list!!

Chiemi said...

Good luck with all your goals! I hope you are able to get many if not all of them done this year!

Jesse Harding said...

I really like this. Great start! I'm glad that I could help and I look forward to seeing you complete your list items. Good luck!

P.S. I should probably add Disneyland to my list as well seeing as I've never been.

Chloe said...

good luck with these goals!
i love #34, i've always wanted to do that!

Emily Anne said...

Girl, you have a lovely blog!!! And beautiful photos. I adore your life list...I am working on mine, but it's taking a long time! {It's a long list}. Definitely will be following and I can't wait to read more :) xo

Mari said...

I live in Az in the suburbs of phoenix but I will totally road-trip over and very happily do pictures- and get to meet you!

christa elyce said...

those sound like really great things for your goals! some big ones on there too! Thanks for following my blog!

xoxo love christa.

Jessica Bjorn said...

baby tips: get on a prenatal and make sure you are getting enough Magnesium!!!