Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Curtains and trinkets...

Last month I was talking to my mumma about how even though we don't have much money I'd like to make this house feel more like home. She asked how she could help. Knowing that I'd love for my home to feel like the home my mum created for us over the years I went right ahead and told her that we only have one set of curtains  - every window in my mum and dad's house has a curtain. For some reason every window being dressed feels important to me, like it's a sign of being grown up maybe. She was excited to be able to go look at curtains and pick some out for me.

They arrived and I love them. Then I had to wait for my curtain rods to arrive. I ordered two together and one arrived a few days before the other then I had to wait for Stuart to be able to hang them for me - it would seem that we don't have any chairs in our house that can be stood on. We don't have a dinning table or chairs. The only other chair-chair is the computer chair that has wheels on it... that's beside the point. He hung one and took a few days to put the other one up.

This is what they look like:

See how well they match the duvet cover? This is because my mum and I are connected. Perfect! Thanks mum. I love them/you.
We don't have much furniture. When we moved here we had to buy a chest of drawers - we made it almost 6 years without. I'm pretty much in love with the drawers we got. On top of them I keep all my bits and pieces. For Christmas my mumma sent me an ornament that makes me happy and a little misty eyed whenever I see it - every day. It's a little treasure that I keep up there.
It's me and her. Kindred spirits. Do you see the picture in the background? That's another of my treasures that I'm trying to find a frame for. Do you know what the picture is?
My friendy, Lindsay Heinzen artist extraordinaire painted it for me for my birthday. Do you see the black and white tin there? That contains my re-engagement ring that cost too much but has attached to it fond memories of Thanksgiving 2008 with another besty friendy Olivia.

So many memories scattered on upon my chest of drawers.

They might be magic.

Sidenote: Decclo is spreading the luuuurv this Valentine's season by giving us a buy one get one tee free dealio from now until Lovers Day. Go take advantage of it. That's a huge deal!


Manda said...

I love the curtains! Your mom has very good taste! :)

Chloe said...

that ornament is lovely!

Chiemi said...

Those curtains are so darling!

Chloe said...

also, yay for being curtain buddies! :)

Megan Marie said...

your mum is the best.

Lindsay said...

i'm so loving your curtains and your room... i think whenever i get you gifts from now on it will be house-y stuff. :)

Lawther family said...

ok so I read this post a while ago, and I have been trying to think of the perfect curtain for my room... and all I think of are your perfect curtains. you Mum did a great job. Maybe I'll ask my mom to find some for me. :) I hope that you enjoy the next two weeks with your sweetheart and take care on your trip see the drs and get all better. we love you and will keep you in our prayers.