Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The dork I live with...

No matter how hard things get with school, relationships etc. I always love him, even when we're jerks to each other.
December 2003. Look how young we look... Whoa!

Stuart is awkward but warm. I love that. Even though you can tell he's uncomfortable in social situations there's still something about him that makes people feel good and want to talk to him.

These past few weeks have been really hard on us both. We've hit some rough patches but at the end of the day we come together and say our night prayers. When we've been rubbing each other the wrong way hearing him pray for me to feel better and to know how much I mean to him means more than anything.

We've come to terms with my departure. We talk about it now without being sad - we pretend for eachother. It's ok because we're ok. He knows I'm going to want to come back to him. I think that it's going to be easier for me to leave home because this time I'll be coming home to him.

 I love you more than anything. You make me feel really important, special and clever. You make me laugh harder than I knew possible. When I see you doing something goofy and then looking over your shoulder slyly to see if I caught it sometimes I act like I missed it just so you'll do it again. You make me so happy.

I think that because you have the power to make me so happy also makes you have the power to make me so sad. And I know it goes both ways. I'm sorry about this past month and how hard it's been.

You're my best friend and I adore you.

 Laura x


Andrea said...


Stuart said...

You are soooooooooooo my best friend :D!

Chiemi said...

That is so sweet. I almost feel like I am intruding on a private moment.

Lindsay said...

i LOVE you guys... the way you are with each other makes me smile. you are both such WONDERFUL people!!!! love you!

Rachel said...

Oh man I love you guys.

Megan Marie said...

happy post! love this! miss you guys!