Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For a' that...

This past Saturday was our first at home. We just hung out. I got up early to study for my finals (Computer Literacy and also English). I skimmed over my Comp. Lit. notes because I thought I'd be able to just skip through that without too much bother. From 9am-5pm I studied English, hard! I made more notes, I worked through 6 weeks worth of lectures and looked up rules in my textbook. I made lots of notes!

I went to take the English exam only to discover that the essay (American men being stereotyped through television) I submitted on the Thursday before was my final... oh-oh. I really don't know how I made that mistake. Why wouldn't a subject like English have an exam?! Luckily I did work extremely hard on that essay and had Stuart read it and make suggestions and had my mum read it to make sure it made sense. I got full marks on my rough draft, so that should mean I get close to full on the final... right? Oh dear.

I went to take the Computer Literacy exam and basically had a melt down. I don't know who writes the questions for those tests but I've lost points from about week 3 onwards because I translate the words to mean something else. The multiple choice answers are too long I think. Anyway, block two is done and dusted and I hope I did ok.

Block three involves Interpersonal Communication, which I think I'm going to love and Basic Principles of Math, which I'm already not loving.

I had blood taken at the doctor's last week and the results came back looking normal. Next week I have an ultrasound to take a look at my innards. I had a bit of an episode on Thursday that involved me being in so much pain all of a sudden that I had white flecky dots floating about and was feeling very dizzy. It also involved one very sweet and scared husband on webcam and two loving parents out of their wits not knowing what to do. It happened late at night, my dad drew me a bath and my mum went to reassure Stuart.

My mum finishes work this Friday for two weeks. Hopefully we'll get to do some things together then. It feels like I've hardly seen my mum or dad these past 3 weeks. Busy busy!

Here's a picture from when we were in Ayr a couple of weekends ago:
This was taken outside the Robert Burns museum. It makes up the words to A Man's A Man for A' That.


Chiemi said...

I hope your essay gets you a great grade!

Kamilli Vanilli said...

Boo to the pain! I hope you're able to figure out what's going on with your innards. Innards can be such a bother sometimes.

Good luck with math!