Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I made it!

On Tuesday morning I got up bright and early: 6.30am. I started the day laughing as I told Stuart, "I was just dreaming I was going to Disneyland." and he replied, "I was feeding a hamster."

We headed to Oakland airport where I boarded my plane with no tears shed - at that time in the morning I don't function, luckily. I headed to my gate and was greeted by a man whose whole face was tattoo'd with an American flag. Red, white and blue. And also a spike through his nostrils. Along with the flag on his face was scrawled "God Bless USA". It looked like he'd done it to himself. I grew more suspicious of that idea when looking at the back of his high, afro puff ponytailed head was "I Love Sex"... Yep. Not only that but a few other scribbles and such. He was pretty scary looking to be honest. He boarded the plane and flirted with every woman he passed. As we were getting to the back of the plane he was still ahead of me. I said to the woman in front of me who was keeping a good 5 feet behind the guy, "I have a funny feeling I know who I'm sitting beside." She replied, "Don't say that! I'm scared s*!*less that I'm going to be!" Sure enough she was but instead she carried on up the back of the plane swearing as she went. She was seated elsewhere.

At the end of the flight Flag Face proclaimed, "God Bless America! Thank God!" I was thankful that he was just full of that patriotic American spirit and not a terrorist.

From Seattle I flew to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam I flew an hour to Aberdeen. Home Sweet Home. I was greeted by Andrew - I predicted my dad would bring someone with him so he wouldn't have to park the car. Andrew was apparently so excited to see me again - only 10 weeks since he last saw me - that he couldn't sleep last night. He was also up bright and early outside waiting for my dad to collect him this morning... maybe I should have brought him a gift...

Andrew asked if I was going to sleep when I got home because I didn't sleep at all on the plane. I said, no I'd be staying awake as long as possible so I'd be able to sleep tonight. I lasted about half an hour before I zonked out on the couch. I woke up covered in a blanket as Andrew and dad tried to leave the house to go pick up my mum from work...

When I got home I had a square sausage butty and then for dinner we had soupy sausage casserole. I love sausages.

Scott arrived home just as we finished dinner and I've been setting up the internet and chatting a bit with Stuee. I'm pretty ready to sleep now.

Got lots of homework to catch up on tomorrow... ooft!

Keep an eye on Stuee whilst I'm gone:


LeaAnne said...

So glad you made it and had a good flight! Enjoy being home and being yourself!! <3 :)

Siobhan said...

I'm glad I watched the vid last. Made me cry watching you hug your Mum. So glad you had a safe trip there.

I've flown Amsterdam to SF. Long, isn't it? After about 5 hrs I wanted off to swim the rest.

Go to Greggs for me, would ya?

Stuart said...

Loved the video and the story. Take care love

Rachel said...

I love that video, especially the part when you see your mum. She kind of reminds me of Jake's mom. And thank heavens that flag face loved America right?

Chiemi said...

That was such a nice video!