Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is your Mother Well?

Yesterday morning we shot down to Motherwell, where my dad's from. We went to have a family lunch with my dad's big sister, Aunt Jean, who got married a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't expecting to travel that far this soon after arriving with being jet lagged and sick. Away we went anyway.
This is the drive down - I'm trying to get little videos of the countryside so I can share it with you. Keep a look out for a couple of castles, not unlike this one in the video. (I'll upload the vid later.)

We left Montrose at 8.30am and got to Motherwell at about 11am. On our way in we stopped at my dad's Primary School where I took his photo:

Whilst getting his picture taken there was a numpty in the high rise flats behind us shouting, "Hey BALDY! Baldy! Is that you, Baldy?". I don't know what his point was but when my dad shouted, "Jump!" back at the guy about 10 stories up I laughed pretty hard. That's my dad!

We got to his childhood home, where my Aunt still lives and chatted a bit then went to lunch at the Chinese Buffet. I was kept entertained by this pair:

And this one too:
Here's my Aunt Jean and her family:

It was quite a long day but was really nice to get out and visit family and meet new family members.


Cecily said...

I saw a few castles in the video you shot! I enjoyed the drive, and I thought the song you chose was perfect.

Chiemi said...

So fun!! I am so glad you are having a great time!