Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let's talk about...


I've had this swimming around in my head for a while now and I couldn't sleep last night for wording this post in my head - and now I can't remember. Tally-ho!

I've always enjoyed reading but books are expensive and it takes time to go to the library. My oldest sister, Wendy is a super fast reader and when I think about her there's usually a book in her hand. In my family, with books being so expensive they were often given as birthday or Christmas gifts - unless we needed clothes then that came first. Although I don't remember getting many new books - I did get the Lord of the Rings trilogy one Christmas - there was still a lot of books in the house.

When I married Stuart I noticed that books are a huge part of his family's life. 4 out of 6 family members have their nose buried in a book 70% of the time. We'd stop by half price books and load up regularly, the girls would walk to the library regularly, books are passed from one bedroom to the next, everyone reads in the car even on short trips- not something I can do, when we go shopping Stuart will stuff a book in his pocket even though he isn't going to get a chance to read it. Book shopping is a new thing for me and so is the question, "what kind of books do you like?"

Looking for books is hard for me because I don't remember who wrote what and I don't understand the concept of choosing a book... a book that will take up days of my life being read and that might not turn out good at all.  I suppose it makes me anxious. And if I like one of an authors books does that mean I'll like their others? I just don't know.

I also have book amnesia. I read a book and then a day later I don't remember a thing about it. If I liked it I'll remember liking it when I look at the cover but I won't remember names or anything else - and I'll remember nothing unless I'm actually looking at the book.

Stuart values books as much as all the other necessities in life and I love that! When I finish a book he'll ask what I want next. He bought me a bunch of books for Christmas and I finished them then his mum, whom he must have learned the importance of books from sent me two new ones. It makes me giddy just thinking about how important books are to his family!

So, here is my take on the books I've been reading.

1. I like historical fiction.
2. I do judge books by their covers and it's important to me. I think people say not to do that because it scares them how they always do - and I know it's a metaphor but still.
3. I may not be able to join in conversations about books because of the amnesia but I love hearing about books other people have enjoyed.
4. I get books and films mixed up a lot. I think it's because of my vivid imagination. I swear I saw the latest Harry Potter before it came out but it was probably in my head... probably definitely because there's no way I could have seen it before it came out.
5. If a book is part of a series I can't keep the individual books straight. I've watched Harry Potter a million times but can't for the life of me tell you the order they're in.

Here's some off the top of my head that I've read lately:

1. "Hattie Big Sky" by Kirby Larson. A delicious piece of historical fiction. Falls into the young adult age group. It's about a girl settling land in Montana and tells of the tales of her struggles and growth. I love it.

2. "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom. I read this beauty right after (or maybe before) reading "The Great Gatsby" and alone the book is amazing but with "The Great Gatsby" it was pretty much profound for me. Wholesome, thought provoking goodness.

3. "Have A Little Faith" by Mitch Albom. I just finished this one and it really inspired me. Life can be short or long, we never know but what we do know is that we don't know (haha!)... I'll write more about this later.

4. "Shiver" by someone or another. I read this to help me find what genre I like most. This one is a sort of Twilight one but without the vampires. It's another young adult one but I think, morally it's on that same questionable level as Twilight ie. having a boy secretly sleep in a girls bedroom. It's well written and the main girl isn't as annoying as Bella in Twilight and the main boy isn't as controlling/possessive as Edward. It's like a Twilighty breath of fresh air.

5. "Graceling" and "Fire" by I-can't-remember...Kristen... someone... "Graceling" comes first but is set after "Fire". Out of both books I preferred "Fire". It's kind of Sci-Fantasy, that's what I'm calling it. Yes. I'm not completely fond of the way the woman writes. She uses sentences like "And she ate some food, for she was hungry." She says the "for" part all the time and it sort of makes me barf. Again, morally weird. It takes place in a different world, I guess and so that makes it ok for everyone to sleep about... not! It's not graphic but it's going on and you know it. The adventure is good though.

6. "Meridian" another Sci-Fantasy-Fiction one. I liked it. I connected with the character and it was quite gripping. I don't remember too much about it but if you fancy it you should look it up.

7. "The Boy in The Striped Pajamas" by... Doyle... Someone Doyle? Dunno. Historical fiction and completely heartbreaking. I have a thing for war stories because they help me feel a connection to my grandparents and because I think people don't value what has gone into their freedom now. The seriousness and trauma of it all is recreated for people to play as video games and for entertainment which makes me barf-out-loud. I feel like this book goes through the horror of war in an innocent way (from a 9 year olds perspective) and is so respectful and beautifully written. It's also a film but I don't think I can watch it. The book hits hard.

8. "The Hunger Games" and "Catching Fire". Love these a lot. Have I written about them before? They're like boy books but in a girly way. I love that. Stuart read them and thoroughly enjoyed them too. They're sci-fi and full of adventure and awesomeness. Completely recommend them.

What have you been reading lately? What do you recommend/not recommend?


Hilary said...

If you like Mitch Albom, you should definitely read Tuesdays with Morrie. Russ had to read it for a class so I read it after him and loved it.

Mark and Hilary said...

thanks for this!! I like to read, but never know what get! you should try 'the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society' it's a post-wwII love story. historical fiction. loved it!!

Lindsay said...

i'm the EXACT same way.... if i read a book i won't remember anything about it the next day... even if i like it... i'll just remember liking it.... like i said... EXACTLY the same way. gosh i miss you. and funny thing about this post.. i JUST took part in a book trading party last night and got to borrow Tuesdays with Morrie. sounds good. i can't wait! and one GOOD thing about forgetting everything about a good book. you can go back and read it again and it's like you never read it! HAH.

Rachel said...

I just joined the book club at church recently because I want to be that person who adores books. I never had been and it's starting to kick in. The two books I've read for book club are 1.The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I loved it, historical fiction, set back in the civil rights movement. 2.The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, another historical fiction and written in letter form. I liked that one too. THis month is The Hunger Games, I haven't started it yet. And I am currently reading The Power of Many by Meg Whitman. I really think you'd like that one Laura. It's a business kind of book but she gives ten values to live by. She was the CEO of Ebay during it's big boom and she's got lots of interesting stories.

Anyway, there's your novel. Hope you stayed awake through it, lol.

G said...

I LOVE this post. I am one of those people who absolutely love books. From the books you have read lately, I would recommend The Book Thief, which is set during WW2. It takes a while to get into, but is SO good. I would also recommend the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. They are considered young adult books and sci-fi where when you reach the age of 16 you get plastic surgery so that you are "pretty." One of the most interesting series I've ever read.

I also have trouble remembering the specifics of books I've read. One thing I found to help with this is recording all the books I read. I used to just write a list of all of them in a notebook, but for Christmas this year I got the Book Lust Journal, which gives you space to write the title and author but also gives you space to record your thoughts about the book. It's helped me remember what I loved (or hated) about each book.

christa elyce said...

books. I went to the library today and picked up a book called How Starbucks Save My Life. I had to check it out! come to find out its about this supah rich guy that had money a huge house, perfect family...then had an affair and lost his job...and lost it all. his girlfriend got preggers and he didn't even have health insurance. he got offered a management job at starbucks...and i guess the rest is history...

funny. its the life of my ex-husband...why isn't he writing a book by now!?!

anyways, thanks for commenting on the blog and for entering in the giveaway! my fingers crossed to you!