Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Academy Square

Today I had another doctors appointment and on the way back I stopped to take some pictures in the flower gardens and my old high school, Montrose Academy.

Many a lunch times were spent in the flower gardens by the school and it's not until today that I really noticed any of it. Isn't that sad but also happy, because I got the chance to notice it.

The lamp post and the lions are all very Narnia to me. I wish I'd noticed that sooner.

Learn from that.


Kayla said...

Great pics.


Hilary said...

Beautiful. I love British architecture! Who is the statue of?

Nicole Marie said...

so so pretty!

Stuart said...

I just love your picture style

Chiemi said...

What a lovely place!

Lacey said...

You basically went to School in Narnia... I'm jealous! Awesome pictures, hope someday I can see them in real life!