Friday, April 16, 2010


A few times in my life I've been in a place where there's a feeling of complete reverence and even though I don't know the history of the place I can just feel that something important happened there. Dunnichen is one of those places. 

My dad explained that a battle had happened around 700AD in Dunnichen. It wasn't recorded very many places but from what records they do have it tells us that this battle was one of great importance - Scotland would have been lost if they hadn't succeeded. 

"[T]he very next year [685AD], that same king [Egfrid], rashly leading his army to ravage the province of the Picts, much against the advice of his friends, and particularly of Cuthbert, of blessed memory, who had been lately ordained his op, the enemy made show as if they fled, and the king was drawn into the straits of inaccessible mountains, and slain with the greatest part of his forces, on the 20th of May, in the fortieth year of his age, and the fifteenth of his reign."
— Bede's account of battle from his Ecclesiastical History of England.

We went inside the church and my dad made himself at home at the pulpit. They have these amazing quilted, patchwork wall hangings. The colours and textures were brilliant.

Here's the Pictish standing stone and war memorial. The little video below is of my dad explaining things to you. He's neutralised his accent so you can understand him.

The memorial: 

Pictish stones from Laura A on Vimeo.


trina said...

so beautiful laura!! loving your dad's accent. please, more accented videos?!?!

Cecily said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing, Laura!

Kim said...

What a neat story and pictures. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I go through the same thing. My family will drive past an old place and I will be drawn to it. It's almost as if it's trying to speak to me.

Every time my family drives to Utah, we will go through Lime Oregon. Along the way there is this old abandoned factory you can see from the road. Each time I see it, I want to find out the history of it. I hope to someday.

bequi said...

I want to slice up your dad's accent and eat it on crackers.

Chiemi said...

What a gorgeous place!

by Anne Duncan said...

Thanks Laura,
We live near Dunnichen and are trying to save the church building for public use. The links to our blogs are and . Anne