Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Feaster...

We've had a bake-a-thon going on here this weekend. Yesterday we made almond slices, millionaire shortbread, custard creams, a giant sausage roll and grape salad. Today I was awakened with the smell of ham being roasted. Happy day! Then, we made fairy cakes but turned them into bunnies. Scott wanted us to make them into chicks or ducks or something like that but we went the bunny route and I think they came out really cute.

Baking together has always been a fun and special thing in our family. I never knew how much I really really really missed it until we were making a Clootie Dumpling a few weeks ago. I love helping in the kitchen. I love bonding in femininity like that. The sisterhood, the domesticity. I love that. Is that sexist? I don't even know.

I love cooking with my dad too. He made stuffed mushrooms and a fry up the other night for dinner and it was perfection. Stuart and I love cooking together. It's one of our favourite things. Oh I miss him.

One time my dad and I made 3 clootie dumplings for a wedding because my mum had to go into hospital for an operation. Those Clootie Dumplings were the product of great teamwork and is maybe one of our biggest accomplishments! The other biggest accomplishment my dad and  have of working together would be the time we dug a tree stump out of the front garden. That's another story though.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have a wonderful, family and tradition filled day :) I know I will.


Chiemi said...

Those fairy cakes look delicious!!

Stuart said...

Not sexist to enjoy something that lets you bond with you mother. Though I do wish I was there to partake of the goodies. You and your mum really know how to cook/bake. YUM!

Chloe said...

They look delicious!
I lvoe sausage rolls, a giant one sounds awesome! :)

Lindsay said...

seriously? i NEED one. REALLY. like now.