Friday, April 2, 2010

It's the Easter Holidays!

Do you know how much I love, Love, LOVE Easter? I think it's my favourite.
When you're going to school in Scotland the last day when you get let off for the holidays you walk, as a school to church. There's an Easter lesson given by a minister and hymns are sung. Then you go back to school for a bit and play, clean out your desk/tray and you go home early. (Chloe, do they do this in Wales?)

I think I love Easter so much because of the feeling of waiting for the bell to ring that last day. The anticipation and excitement.

Being in Scotland right now I get to relive that. My mum works in a school and trust me when I say she cannot wait for the Easter Hols! I'm so excited for her to get home today and see her chuffty face! We also live just over the road from a primary school, the entrance is just out the back gate - spitting distance. Right now I can hear kids laughing and playing. It's sunny and they don't have on their jackets.

I feel so nostalgic. Easter is such a special time. I'm Mormon, so I believe that Christ was crucified and rose three days later. I love the meaning of Easter and I love the traditions.

We used to get a new dress and bonnet to wear on Easter Sunday to church. We'd go on picnic's with family to Eglinton Castle. We'd decorate and roll our eggs down a hill (symbolising the stone rolling from the tomb). Beki and I would go stay with Aunt Wilma and Uncle Ronnie where we'd do fun things all week, like painting rocks, going with Aunt Wilma to the snooker hall whilst she cleaned it.

I love the simplicity of Easter. The celebration I'm used to is different than the American one. We don't do Easter Baskets in my family - I don't know if other people do them. We get a big Easter Egg and that's it really gift wise. We spend time together as a family.


Chiemi said...

I love Easter too!

Chloe said...

I love Easter as well!

We didn't do that in the Primary School I went to but they probably did somewhere else. In my school, we would spend the last day making Easter cards for our families, eating mini eggs and having an assembly with the Headmaster. I used to love the last day before Easter, it was so exciting! :)

Happy Easter. :)

Lindsay said...

spitting distance, eh? does that mean you have PLANS? hehe.. i shalt join you.