Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When holding one litre proves nothing!

Today I had the privilege of having a surprise smear at the doctors. (How's that for an opener? Barf!) For my younger audience, it's not as bad as you'd think and it's really something not to worry about. It feels like a violation of your womanly self but the procedure can save your life.

Afterwards I felt a bit traumatised (younger audience, I'm exaggerating like I sometimes do. It's not that bad.) and a little unsettled. I like to be surprised but not with that... So, we came out and got in the car, came home and decided what to do with the day since I'm avoiding doing my maths homework. We decided to go to the supermarket to get some picnic things and then head to Forfar.

My mum and I went to Tesco (supermarket) and picked up rolls and pork. Whilst in the supermarket I remarked that I felt like I might wet myself - because of the earlier procedure. It just felt like that. Rest assured I held one litre of water in my bladder last week and not a drop escaped! I was not going to wet myself. Really.

We came out and got in the car. My dad asked if we were ok. My mum said, "Yes but Laura wet herself." We laughed and drove away. We stopped at the butchers for bacon, my dad went to post a letter and I just stayed in the car. My dad came back from posting his letter and my mum was still getting bacon so we had a little chat about the banana allergy we both have. Mum came back and dad started driving.

I never really know where we're going when we head out on trips like this. Dad was driving through the High street, out past the swimming pool, then at the round about at the top of Borrowfield (where we live) my mum said, "where are we going?"

My dad looked at her and pointed back to me, "Going home so Laura can get changed!"

I looked at myself, "WHY?!"

"Because you wet yourself!!"

We couldn't stop laughing. He really thought I'd wet myself, bless him. I laughed and laughed and then thought, for thinking I really wet myself he didn't say a word! He never made fun of me or was cheeky. How sweet but also, why on earth would I wet myself? Why would he think that?...

That's the funny that happened today. I have lots of pictures and video to share of our Forfar adventure.


Andrea said...

lol. glad you didn't really wet yourself. lol.

Chiemi said...

LOL! That is too funny! Oh and by the way I keep meaning to tell you that I love the new look for your blog. :D

trina said...

aw, what a dear thing your dad is!

Scott and Stacia said...

How funny! I thought he was going to take you on an adventure where no bathroom could be found when you needed it the most. What a sweet dad! Hope you are still enjoying your vacation....I know it can be hard to be away from hubby for so long.