Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today I woke up not feeling so great so we decided to go out for some fresh air at the local weekly Farmers Market. We picked up some ginormous oranges and strawberries. Stuart's school does this thing where if we pay $15 a week we get a huge box of local produce. It's like a surprise, grab bag thing and you don't know what you'll get. We've been thinking about doing that because we do spend quite a bit of our budget on fresh fruit and veg. We're going to see how much $15 gets us at the Farmers Market... and that's how we spend our money!

Watch the video and keep your eyes peeled for the girl with the really long plait/braid.

Our day out. from Laura A on Vimeo.
Um, afterwards we came home and Stuart became absolutely desperate for the new Iron Man film. We have some free tickets to use so we headed out for that and looooved it. I adore that little Robert Downey jr. immensely.

The new Karate Kid film? I'm a little nervous about it seeing as the original Karate Kid is one of my ultimate fave films ever. It's on my list of films to get stranded with on a desert island and I know it line for line. I'm proud to admit...


Chiemi said...

Aww fun! We have a farmers market here that just started up again in May. I love it!

Lindsay said...

i love the little dance that stuee does to the mexican music. oh and can i have that burrito, please? thank you.