Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remember that time...

when I was in Scotland and I asked you if you had any questions? And remember how I didn't answer you? Yeah?

Cecily said...

I'd love to see pictures of the countryside! Even though I've never told you, I've ALWAYS thought it was the coolest thing that you were from Scotland.

I love the pictures of the beautiful flowers. :)

Thanks. Here's a little video of the countryside just for you:

Catterline from Laura A on Vimeo.
Lacey said...I have a really silly Scotland question: Is there really such thing as a "Taking Out"? I saw it on Made of Honor and I wondered that, but was always too embarrassed to ask... but now that you're in Scotland... you know.
"Taking Out" is an old Scottish wedding tradition. It's the old version of the Hen Night. You can read more about wedding customs here.

PS. That's one of Linzi's favourite films. You should have girls night ;)

Linzi said...
I want to see pictures of your hometown and of the shops and the countryside :) I love your pictures and I loved the video a couple posts ago. It will almost be like I visited Scotland ;)
I did my best, Linzi. I really did.

Stuart said...

I love the pictures babe. Usually I'm the one taking pictures of the plants.


Rachel said...

I'm so excited for your little documentary of your time there. I think we're all pretty curious about Laura's hometown :)

This makes me wonder why you're curious? Are you curious how such a specimen like me was raised? 
Chloe said...
Those pictures are incredible! You're a really good photographer. :)
I have a question about Scotland. :D
How many people speak Scottish? It's a weird question I know but here, I only know 7 or 8 people who can speak Welsh (4 of them are Welsh teachers) so I was wondering if it was different in Scotland?
The Scottish you refer to is Gaelic. I don't know anyone who can speak it but I found that in 2001 92,000 people (2% of the population) registered on the census that they had some ability to speak it. Mostly the live up north in the Highlands. 

Lindsay said...

i love your pictures... also.. i have a question... When can i come visit you?

Um... now?

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Cecily said...

Thanks for the video Laura! Scotland is so beautiful. I loved the waterfall into the ocean, and I loved the feel of what I saw. Thanks again. I'm glad you made it home safe. :)