Saturday, May 22, 2010

Roadside America

I realised a couple of nights ago that I only get two weeks break for summer and not the much needed, dreamed about and wanted three. My school week is Sunday to Sunday and the blocks last 6 weeks. In those 6 weeks we cover the same school text book that not-online schools cover in 3 months. It's haaaard! Boo hoo. Wah wah! My next block starts on Sunday... Sunday July FOURTH.

So, after a good cry out of frustration and maybe punching the air angrily a few times I've decided that if I only get two weeks off I better start making these weekends really count. Stuart doesn't know it yet and he's probably going to hate it BUT we're going out. Today.

Figuring that out pretty much extinguished any ideas of traveling south and gallivanting I might of had.

Have you Yanks seen the site Roadside America? I love it. It's a compilation of those little roadside attractions that get missed out. The seems to be under appreciated little gems, a lot of them. Go see what's in your area. Some are totally weird, which I love. A lot of them are pretty retro too. Why don't we build weird stuff anymore? You can use the "My Sites" part of Roadside America to plan your trips to include some roadside attractions.

I'm adding a new Roadside America section to my summer list. Do you know of any weird little places to visit?


Hilary said...

I found Roadside America when I was planning our trip to Oklahoma. It's a fun site!

Rachel Keyser said...

Harmony, California - Population 18. (Central Coast) Cool hippy glass blowing shop and gallery. My husband took some cool pictures there.

Chiemi said...

I haven't seen that site before, but now I need to check it out!