Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer List: 2010

Go on a roadtrip
Have a birthday extravaganza for Stuee
Go to the beach
Go to the drive in
Go to Santa Cruz
Watch Lost Boys
Watch a surf competition
Go to Monterey
Have a bbq
Go see Eclipse with Lindsay
Have a sleepover
Go to a fireworks show
Go to San Diego
Send postcards
Visit Lindsay and Enos in San Francisco
Go to the cinema
Make lots of summer videos
Grow flowers from seeds
Go to a water park
Go to the Highland games
Take pictures at the Golden Gate bridge
Send a care package
Have a lock in and wear pj's all day
Go to a museum
Go on a date to the pet shop
Star gaze
Go to the local outdoor pool
Make ice-cream
Make a summer playlist
Watch a sunset
Fly our kites
Make fresh lemonade
Laura: wear a skirt more often

Go to Oregon:
Eat dinner on the patio
Make Pico with veg. from grandpa's garden
Go on the jetboats
Play ping pong and darts

Roadside America:
1989 earthquake epicentre (link) Aptos, California
Bunyan Muffler Man, Hayward, California
Paul Bunyan and babe, Crescent City, Del Norte, California
Avenue of the Giants, California (link)
Ghost town: Shasta, California (link)
Bodega Bay, California (link) where The Birds was filmed

And I'd say that's a good start! If you make a list let me know :)

* Most completed items have been linked to. For proof.
**Striked through have been completed.


Kat & Paul said...

hey there! enjoy your summer live list! i love monterey and santa cruz! i'll be visiting my sister and in laws in a week in sanjose/morgan hill.

Chiemi said...

I love your list! Monterey is LOVELY! We took a trip up the cost a couple of summers ago and it was one of my favorite places. If you get a chance you should go to the aquarium. It's really nice.

Lindsay said...

me likie...