Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sometimes I get these thoughts and they keep me awake at night - and through the day, ha. Lately I've been thinking about life and how it gets much more complicated when you get older, how people get more complicated but they don't really, they seem more complicated because you are. Human's make problems and then we pretend they don't exist in front of people because we think there's something wrong with admitting things aren't how we'd like them to be.

Pretending takes it out of you and it's kind of like lying, which is a sin. Problems can't be solved by pretending they don't exist. Life can be so incredibly short or incredibly, life can be really long. Either way toting along regret, grudges, pride, stupidity makes no sense. It's a waste, the energy could be spent on something worthwhile... and that's all much easier said than done, because of my first point. We complicate life.

My thoughts are much deeper than this but right now I'm pretending they aren't ;)

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Megan said...

I pretend because it seems better than the alternative, but lately I don't think I've been all that great at pretending.