Monday, July 19, 2010

The day of births

Yesterday was Mr Adams birthday. We celebrated mostly on Friday because I wanted him to have good full birthday weekend. He came home to a festively decorated living room and some presents. The celebration continued on Saturday by going to the cinema to see Inception, treating ourselves to some fresh doughnuts and eating at a Mexican Restaurant.

On Sunday he (we) got the best present of all. A brand new niece! Emma had baby Wiggles at 10pm in Denmark. The little blondie baby is still un-named but weighed a nice 7lbs 2oz. Mum, dad and baby are all doing well. Yesterday was the most exciting day we've had in a long time! I'm so happy and excited for Emma and Niels. By the end of the night I didn't know if I was more excited for Emma or for my mum! Due to the volume of Stronach's occupying Facebook the excitement has been spread world wide. What a blessing this new baby is - and what a blessing technology is too where pictures can be shared in an instant!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

United in Silly!

I can't let this go without saying how pleased, happy, proud, excited and gleeful I was and still am with how the Silly Girls United event went. It ran pretty smoothly and a lot of girls I've never even met joined in. I sent a lot of emails to spread the word about the event and got a lot of positive feedback - the most positive of feedback always comes from the girls who take part. I've loved, loved, LOVED seeing all the images and reading all the comments all the girls have been leaving each other. So many compliments and praise along with encouragement and cheerful have been spread.

Along with the growth of Silly Girls we got a new name and a makeover. Silly Girls is now Shenanigans. I'm so grateful to Megan for putting her camera in my hands. I can't think of anything as life changing as that since I got married. The effect of having that camera in my hands has been immense.

I am so happy that so many girls got involved and that some joined groups with girls they hadn't even met before. I'm just amazed and so glad they became friends who want to do another shoot soon! You can read their experience here.

The next event category is being voted on right now on the Shenanigans blog and will be a bit different. The category that wins is the overall theme. Each group with be given a secret genre they'll shoot. When they upload everyone can guess what their narrowed down theme was.

Due a little mistake we ended up with 2 themes for the shoots. Here's pictures of each group. You can go see the rest on the facebook page.

Colorado Colourfuls

Bright in Othello

Spotty in Salem

Secret Agents in Everett

Sassy in South Carolina

And me.

Go take a gander at them all over on facebook then get your friends together to join in our next one!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little uplift.

Do you ever get super busy and focus so hard on tasks that you lose sight of where you're at here and now? Yes, me too. School is going good. This new block is the first of my actual graphic design classes. You'll be glad to know know I got two A's last block - the block from Heeeeell. Because I know Stuart can't help me out with this one class I'm doing over time trying to get it all straightened out in my head - I'm actually over complicating it because there's nothing I don't already know already so far. At the moment it's kind of an intro to Photoshop and I've been at that for years.

I'm also working hard recruiting artists for Decclo. The shop will be launched some time. I won't even guess as to when because we were almost ready to launch before but decided to redesign it. Our NEW business model gives me serious goosebumps and I'm SO excited about it. I've learned a lot being part of this creative start-up company. I just love it. I love every aspect of Decclo now that we've stepped it up. If you haven't been over to the blog lately go check it out. My photography is going to good use and we have a new summer tee design. If you know any artists looking to add something really cool to their resume send them our way. Also if you're looking to get anything screenprinted - for camps, family reunions, sports games, anything check out the Crux tab at the top and contact Jake.

I've been dizzied up in school and Decclo and also photography - any Silly Girls want to join in the Shenanigans? The next category theme is up for voting on right now.

With all the busy stuff going on it's important to take a little time out to catch up a favourite blog (Chloe) and watch the litter of kitten play in the back garden.

Is there anything more relaxing that watching baby animals?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Like change.

I thought that since I was able to leave home/country/family I would be able to successfully adapt to most other changes. I'm working hard on it but maybe I'm not as good at it as I thought.

I see so many other people make the same journey as me and they seem to keep it all together. I try too, by painting a rosier picture for myself. When it comes down to it though I feel like when I'm sinking I hit the bottom fast. It's fine. I'm realising now that being an adult means you have to, and are able to pick yourself up. Other people can't know how you feel life you don't express it.

It sounds depressing, I'm sure but I can see beauty in it. Some people have no family so they make family. It's a blessing to be able to do that. That there are people out there willing to be that for other people, when they don't have to be.

So no matter how far I am from my family, or how often I have to leave friends I have the ability to add to my collection of loved ones. It just takes some effort.

I'm not even homesick because I have been home and things there are not how they used to be. It's not so much to do with growing up and moving on as it is other things. I like how things were when I was 17. I like how things were when I was in Idaho. I like how things were last summer. I'm here now and I'm trying to make this as likable as possible.

I do like this. I like our little home and the sunshine. I like the little kittens living in our garden. I like Stuart and me. I like what the past has given me. I like this new chapter.

I need to find things to fill it up with or I'll have an empty 3 years to look back on. Although they won't be empty, will they? That's the thing about looking back, you see more than you did at the time.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The end.

In 2007 Stuart and I were able to go home to Scotland for a few weeks. Both my sisters were getting married (not to each other) and we were very lucky to get home for it. Whilst there we took a lot of video which never made it onto the computer for a while. When it did there was a problem with the program we used for editing that wouldn't let us edit or even watch it...

Today I fiddled about with the new software and rediscovered the old files. This is one little Cameron classic that makes me laugh every time.

Storytime with Cameron. from Laura A on Vimeo.

Go ahead and tell me how much cuter it is when he talks than it is when I do. I completely understand.
There'll be more of these to come.

This one is from 2005 and you've probably already seen it on facebook. Beki and Cameron came to stay with us when we were in Idaho and this is the kind of nonsense we got up to. Stronach's can make a game out of anything, as you'll notice. I wouldn't mind going back to those days. Not one bit.

Beki and Cameron 2005 from Laura A on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little gems

I won't get into it but lately I've been getting frustrated with some friendships. I discovered a few little videos I apparently made and forgot about. They remind me that even though things change and sometimes the goodness doesn't last there's still good times to remember and memories to be made - one bonus of always taking loads of photos is I can remember a lot ;)

I posted these on facebook but here they are again. I'm going to make some more because of how happy they make me :) These times are worth remembering.

Hey, Doll Face! from Laura A on Vimeo.

3 Hippy Girls from Laura A on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here kitty kitty kitty!

On Thursday Stuart spotted something frolicking in our back garden as he was setting up the bbq. He called me out quite excitedly.

What is that?
It melted my ice cold heart, that's for sure!
Two little black kittens and one white and ginger one but the two little black ones have come back and were playing out there again today.
I don't even like cats!
 I'll have eaten one by the end of the week I'm sure. They're just too cute.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lost Boys (and girl)

Seeing Lost Boys in Santa Cruz on the beach was on the summer list right from the start and I thought it was on a Friday BUT it wasn't! It was on a Wednesday. Yesterday. This discovery was made yesterday at 11am. Corey Feldman's band was playing at 6pm and then the film started at 9. We took our time leaving, stopped at Taco Bell for a quick cheap dinner then went to find parking. We got to the beach and got a good spot. Right up until 10 minutes before the film it was a good spot. Two lovers came in with big chairs and plopped themselves down right in front of us. I could see if I looked right between them. Part way through the film the scooted closer together. When they smooched their heads took up the whole screen. I was irked. Stuart could see if he sat at the other end of our blanket. Romantic.

There were hundreds and hundreds of people there and I have to admit it felt pretty surreal sitting there watching Lost Boys as scenes of where we were sitting played on the screen in the film. It was weird.

I like what Stuart captured in this shot...

Corey Feldman is on the stage to the right of the screen. I'm glad he enjoys his music... 
It was heaven when the sun was up but when the sun went down...
We got some garlic fries to keep the vampires away. Who knew they kept lovers aways too?

Oh Santa Cruz, you're not that far and I really love you. I'm hoping these pictures will have enticed family to visit. I'm also trying to convince Stuart that we should live there. I'm already marketing his Surfer's Chiropractic office in my head... I'm not even kidding and if you steal my idea I'll get Keifer Sutherland on you.