Thursday, July 8, 2010

The end.

In 2007 Stuart and I were able to go home to Scotland for a few weeks. Both my sisters were getting married (not to each other) and we were very lucky to get home for it. Whilst there we took a lot of video which never made it onto the computer for a while. When it did there was a problem with the program we used for editing that wouldn't let us edit or even watch it...

Today I fiddled about with the new software and rediscovered the old files. This is one little Cameron classic that makes me laugh every time.

Storytime with Cameron. from Laura A on Vimeo.

Go ahead and tell me how much cuter it is when he talks than it is when I do. I completely understand.
There'll be more of these to come.

This one is from 2005 and you've probably already seen it on facebook. Beki and Cameron came to stay with us when we were in Idaho and this is the kind of nonsense we got up to. Stronach's can make a game out of anything, as you'll notice. I wouldn't mind going back to those days. Not one bit.

Beki and Cameron 2005 from Laura A on Vimeo.


Cecily said...

HAHA! I love that first video. Ryan and I both laughed. :) Thanks for sharing.

Chiemi said...

Those were so cute to watch! I especially loved the first one. Little kids have the best imaginations.

Mary Ann said...

YOu have inspired me to be more fun. Thanks.