Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little gems

I won't get into it but lately I've been getting frustrated with some friendships. I discovered a few little videos I apparently made and forgot about. They remind me that even though things change and sometimes the goodness doesn't last there's still good times to remember and memories to be made - one bonus of always taking loads of photos is I can remember a lot ;)

I posted these on facebook but here they are again. I'm going to make some more because of how happy they make me :) These times are worth remembering.

Hey, Doll Face! from Laura A on Vimeo.

3 Hippy Girls from Laura A on Vimeo.


Kirsten said...

Laura, you are my friend. I don't know if this will show up as anonymous.

trina said...

Those are wonderful videos. Wonderful memories, i am sure. I find myself envious that you have such great friends and such great memories. Those videos make me wonder if i met those girls, would we be friends? :)

Laura said...

Thanks, Kirsten x

Trina, I imagine they would have. These are quite the group of girls.