Wednesday, July 14, 2010

United in Silly!

I can't let this go without saying how pleased, happy, proud, excited and gleeful I was and still am with how the Silly Girls United event went. It ran pretty smoothly and a lot of girls I've never even met joined in. I sent a lot of emails to spread the word about the event and got a lot of positive feedback - the most positive of feedback always comes from the girls who take part. I've loved, loved, LOVED seeing all the images and reading all the comments all the girls have been leaving each other. So many compliments and praise along with encouragement and cheerful have been spread.

Along with the growth of Silly Girls we got a new name and a makeover. Silly Girls is now Shenanigans. I'm so grateful to Megan for putting her camera in my hands. I can't think of anything as life changing as that since I got married. The effect of having that camera in my hands has been immense.

I am so happy that so many girls got involved and that some joined groups with girls they hadn't even met before. I'm just amazed and so glad they became friends who want to do another shoot soon! You can read their experience here.

The next event category is being voted on right now on the Shenanigans blog and will be a bit different. The category that wins is the overall theme. Each group with be given a secret genre they'll shoot. When they upload everyone can guess what their narrowed down theme was.

Due a little mistake we ended up with 2 themes for the shoots. Here's pictures of each group. You can go see the rest on the facebook page.

Colorado Colourfuls

Bright in Othello

Spotty in Salem

Secret Agents in Everett

Sassy in South Carolina

And me.

Go take a gander at them all over on facebook then get your friends together to join in our next one!


Chiemi said...

I'm pretty happy we had that little mistake. It made things turn out awesome. This was such a great opportunity to be different and have fun!

amba said...

cool :D (and your background is beautiful!)

emma said...

I am looking for big flowers like that you have in your hair but I can't find them here.. should probably look for them on line eh? so prettty